5 Vinyasa Yoga Benefits To Make You A Yoga Junkie


What is Vinyasa Yoga

Most of you probably have heard that yoga is slow, it requires patience and some of you might not consider it because you prefer cardio or intensive workouts. But if you have ever heard of or tried vinyasa yoga, you would know that this form of yoga will for sure get you moving and sweating with your heart racing. While every form of yoga offers its own benefits, but this form of yoga is for those who prefer fast paced form of exercises. Vinyasa is a form of hatha yoga that is based on a series of movements where each pose is linked to the breath and only held as short as one breath hence there is a lot of movements for all you active people. Just like a dance flow, the body tunes into the rhythm of the breath; this is what makes it so interesting and indulging that you can’t lose your focus from it. Unlike most other forms of yoga like hatha or restorative, you are not holding the pose for more than few seconds which makes it physically and mentally challenging.

Though this type of yoga is not recommended for beginners but it is accessible to everyone, so are you ready to take up the challenge for vinyasa yoga? learn about vinyasa yoga benefits and you will know that you have been missing a fortune on your health.

Is Vinyasa yoga for you?

Vinyasa yoga benefits

If you are someone who is bored of the same repetitive movements from the other forms of yoga then you will be relieved to know that vinyasa flow does not repeat the same steps for every class. Every class your instructor will throw in a series of steps that challenges you and keeps you curious about what’s coming up next. Vinyasa yoga places much emphasis on the breath, you inhale when you move into a pose and you exhale when you release yourself from the pose. The speed of vinyasa flow depends on the teacher; it may be slow or fast, but lots of movements are guaranteed in this form of yoga. Because every teacher incorporates a unique style based on their own perspective hence the challenging part is finding a teacher that makes your practice fun and someone that you can relate to.

Vinyasa yoga benefits

1. Stops your mind from wandering around

Vinyasa yoga benefits

Wandering mind is often the target to stress and anxiety, and I can say it so confidently because anxiety has taken me down in the past. Stress suppresses our immune system and makes us vulnerable to more diseases. Based on a new research just 25 minutes of yoga significantly boosts your brain function. Vinyasa yoga trains your mind to focus on the task at hand because the brain and the body are both actively involved in the present as you transition from one pose to another while focusing on your breath. With continued practice, your mind develops a habit of focusing on the present. This means that you will be more productive towards your task at hand because you will have the control to rule out all those thoughts from your head that create distractions. Once you attain this inner peace of mind, your mind can easily work against the surrounding noise and still be focused. A clear mind also means a healthier body which is less likely to acquire any diseases.

2. Quit the incorrect breathing habits

Daily yoga routine for beginners

Most of us take our breathing for granted as it is something we have always been doing since our existence. But as we age, the increased stress, anger, fast-paced lifestyle, incorrect eating habits all contribute to rapid breathing. Especially when you are stressed, your heart beat increases, the blood pressure rises and then your body becomes vulnerable to many diseases; to name a few such as diabetes, heart failure, brain stroke and so on. Thereafter this continuous response and exposure to stress causes our body to adapt itself to rapid breathing which means disrupted supply of oxygen. Vinyasa trains the body to adopt the correct breathing method by focusing on the breath while transitioning in and out of the poses. The body is supplied with fresh oxygen and increased blood circulation. So lets start treating yoga and exercises like a medicine to limit our visits to the clinics.

3. Those stiff muscles will thank you for flexibility 

Recent study revealed that 86% Americans work by sitting all day and 70% of American workers hate sitting. Our lifestyle makes us less mobile because we are spending most of our time on the desktop or computers. Those muscles especially at the back become stiff and causes pain and soreness. Additionally while working on the computer, we tend to hunch our back and roll our shoulders forward which results in poor posture overtime. Vinyasa yoga will get you moving which is so essential for our stiff lifestyle; as I mentioned earlier that it works on every muscle of the body which means increased flexibility. A lot of emphasis is placed on the alignment of the body, hence poor posture itself is easily corrected as your body gets trained on the correct alignment.

4. No more chasing yourself after others

Vinyasa yoga benefits

When you step into a vinyasa yoga room and as you start moving into the rhythm of your breath, there is that unspoken feeling of connection with others. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced level yogi but you feel welcomed on the mat with others which gives you a feeling of uniformity and allows you to accept yourself just the way you are. It allows you to let go of your ego of not knowing something and this will imply to your real life situation where you will find yourself comfortable adapting yourself to new changes.

4. Stronger muscles and toned bodyVinyasa yoga benefits

While you are moving into poses one after another, you are burning a lot of calories by moving against the gravity. Vinyasa strengthens and tones every muscle of the body because continuous movement is targeted towards all parts of the body. There is lesser chance of injury as compared to other styles of yoga, because you just don’t just force yourself into a random pose, instead you go with the flow as you modify from pose to pose.

Keep up with the practice

Whether you decide to practice yoga for a peace of mind or for losing calories, both can be accomplished by vinyasa yoga. No matter what style of yoga you go with, the most important part of it is you need to enjoy it and make it part of your daily routine. You will not see lot of difference in the short term but if you truly dedicate yourself to the practice in the long run, you will start noticing so many health benefits after 3-4 months.

I would love to hear from you, leave your comments below and I will back to you as soon as I can.

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  1. This is a great article, vinyasa yoga seems like a super beneficial practice to start doing!

    I had a couple questions, you mentioned that it can be done every day. I’m wondering if yoga is similar to lifting weights or running where it’s wise to take a day or two off every week to recover?

    Also, do you do meditations separately or is yoga your MAIN form of staying in the moment and relieving stress?

    1. Hello Dom
      These are great questions. Yoga is nothing like weight lifting but you might compare it to running because your muscles do get sore at the beginning however this does not apply to most other types of yoga. Vinyasa yoga can give you sore muscles but it also depends on the speed of the class. Some instructors hold up a fast paced class where you might need a break while few others go for a slow paced one. I personally do not take break from yoga because I mostly practice hatha and restorative yoga, they are slow and I don’t feel any soreness, its also because I have been practicing for years so my muscles are used to them.
      I do pranamaya which involves focusing so you could relate that to meditation and I also love doing yoga poses so I do a combination of both. 20 min pranayama and half an hour of poses. I hope this helps :).
      Best Regards

  2. Vinyasa yoga sound a bit more interesting than regular yoga. I’ve never heard of it before but am keen to try it.
    I mean I still get a great workout from regular yoga classes but this sound like it can really get the heart pumping.
    Thanks for sharing Raman

    1. Hello Vince
      Yes unlike most other types of yoga it is faster and in a rhythm like a dance flow that it what makes it more interesting :). You should definitely give this one a try too, never know it can win your heart over other types of yoga.

  3. I thought I knew a lot of different types of yoga, but I had never heard about Vinyasa yoga! Now I have and it sounds really interesting. I loved reading your article! It was a great read and I learned something new. I’m not sure if Vinyasa yoga is available in my country, but with your information I probably can continue my search. Yoga is wonderful. Thank you for your beautiful article! Have a lovely day!

    1. Hello Anja
      I love practicing most of the different types of yoga however I am partial towards hatha and restorative yoga because I like slow type of yoga. But when I am full of energy I enjoy vinyasa too. I am happy that you found it helpful, I enjoy doing research and educating myself about yoga while helping people. You too have a lovely day :).
      Best regards

  4. I have wondered how yoga helps with wandering thoughts and now I know – you focus on breathing and the movements simultaneously. If someone has had anxiety and therefore is probably used to breathing fast, will this take time to get used to?

    1. There you go 🙂 now you know and can use it to your benefit. Focusing on the breath takes a bit of practice though it is something everyone can do it. It is normal for the mind to first wonder around in the beginning but as many times your mind starts to wonder simply focus it again on your breath, with practice you will notice that you are getting used to focusing your mind which means a clear mind and no more anxiety. I hope this helps 🙂
      Best Reagrds

  5. Great post. I wanna know who the 17% of Americans are who LIKE sitting all day. I start losing it after an hour or so…and have to get up, stretch, move around.

    I’ve never tried Vinyasa yoga but after reading this, I think I will. I like the idea that it’s challenging, but different each time, and focused on the flow of the sequence.

    1. I had the exact same question while doing my research, I hope I will find out someday 🙂 but yes a small percentage of such people also consists of who might be having hard time standing due to health problems. Give it a try and never know you might fall in love with it :).
      Best Regards

  6. This is a very persuasive article! I am inspired to take up yoga again. I have only tried Power Yoga and Kundalini which I really enjoyed. I am finding with age and working on the computer so much, have been messing up my back. In fact, when I was reading this, you called me out on my sitting position, lol. Do you have any good suggestions on DVD’s or do you recommend trying it first in a studio? Thank you.

    1. Hello Colleen
      If you have done kundalini then you can definitely do this one and most other types of yoga. Kundalini is spiritual practice and requires some experience and lot of dedication, it is definitely challenging, seems like you are a advanced level yogi 🙂 About back pain I can say the same thing that desktop job has definitely made things worse for me as well but yoga has helped me a lot and its so much under control. I have covered most important back pain poses in two of my posts, one is for upper back pain and shoulders https://yogawithraman.com/yoga-poses-for-neck-and-shoulder-pain and the other is for lower back pain https://yogawithraman.com/yoga-exercises-for-lower-back-pain and there is also a video on this one. These poses have really helped me :). I would say first give yourself a try at home and see if you are able to follow the instructions well and do them slow, don’t push your body and stop if you feel sudden pain. If you like it at home and if that works well for you then you can continue from home or if after trying you feel you need some supervision from instructor then it may be a good idea to join studio. I hope this helps 🙂
      Best Regards

  7. I absolutely love yoga, although I am unsure about what type of yoga I practice. I use an android application on my phone called Down Down, and it offers 3 choices: Quick Flow, Full Practice and Restorative, which I choose based on how much how much time I have, the time of day or how I feel. I have done Ashtanga before and it is quite similar, but I have no clue as to what it’s actually called.

    1. It is wonderful to meet another fellow yogi :). This app seems really cool, may I ask what is the name of the app? If you have done ashtanga yoga then you know about vinyasa yoga as well, when ashtanga yoga is done in fast paced way then it becomes vinyasa :).
      Best Regards

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