6 Best Seller Hot Yoga Towel Reviews- Towels That Every Yogi Deserves


Yoga towels act as a life line for yoga practice by not only protecting us against sweaty and stinky yoga mats from the studio but they also act as a shield to protect our skin against the harmful bacteria that may be breathing in our yoga mats. They make the practice worth every moment when you can move, bend, twist and turn with confidence knowing that you will never slide or fall again.Apart from providing traction, they also provide the extra cushioning to the problem areas for someone as bony as me. You can eliminate the need to carry 90% excess weight by carrying only a mat towel with you while you can use the yoga mat provided by the studio.  It is recommended to get hand towels with these yoga mat towel which work really well to wipe off the excess sweat from the hands and face or they simply may be slipped under the hands for extra grip during bending poses. In my hot yoga towel reviews I have listed the 6 best towels that will not only absorb sweat like a sponge but also dries fast.

1. #1 Best Hot Yoga Towel With Anchor Fit Corners for your Mat by MangoFit

Hot Yoga Towel Reviews
Amazon rating: 4.6/5
Size: 24w x 72L
The four corners with flaps on this towel secures to the corners of the yoga mat so well that you would not need to re-adjust your towel again. The anti-microbial material of the towel repels any kind of odour from sweating or bacteria buildup. This multi-purpose towel promises to stay by your side for any kind of athletic performance such as gym, pilates, or even beach. With a 100% microfiber material that is lightweight and so soft on the skin, you will enjoy laying your face on it during the child pose. This skidless towel enables you to perform confidently for hours with a peace of mind because it has an excellent moisture management capacity that soaks up moisture from your hands and feet to keep you dry. If you are looking for some extra padding on top of your mat, this high density that acts as a support for your problem areas like the joints, knees, hips and elbows.

Cons: Available in only one colour.

2. Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel

Hot Yoga Towel Reviews
Amazon rating: 4.6/5
Size: 25w x 80L

This extra long towel is a must have if you are taking Bikram or hot yoga classes because the super absorbent material of this towel absorbs sweat instantly and dries quickly. ​The patended skidless technology that are made of silicone nubs does an amazing job of providing excellent grip over the mat. If the need arises you can simply roll up this lightweight towel while travelling and use it alone on the floor or carpet. The biggest plus point about this towel are the silicone nubs that are gentle and cozy on the skin unlike other grippy towels that have a rubber grip backing which cannot be used on the skin. The silicone nubs prevent any bunching up.  Additionally for all you environmental lovers, this towel is made using recycles bottles which means it utilizes 66% lesser energy during its production while the dyes are free of chemicals such as heavy metals, lead and AZO.

Cons: This towel is though pricey but is durable enough to retain its grip and last long enough after many washes.

3. Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel By Manduka

Hot Yoga Towel Reviews

rating: 4.4/5
Size: 26.5 w x 72.5
Whether you stay dry or perspire during your yoga sessions, you can safely rely on Manduka towel knowing that there will not be any slipping issues. A Manduka towel on top of a Manduka mat, is sure to make the practice feel heavenly as the quality of Manduka products is unmatched to any other. The nubs at the bottom of the towel grips so well to the mat that it won’t need any water to be sprinkled on it. The tightly woven fibers will take your practice to a level of comfort and coziness. This eco-friendly towel is made of recycled plastic bottles which means you do not have to stand any unpleasant chemical smell during the child pose because it has no odour.

Cons: Though this towel is expensive and the issue is you need to air dry it but its functionality is truly rewarding.

4. Aurorae Non Slip Hot Microfiber Yoga Mat Towel

Hot Yoga Towel Reviews
Amazon rating: 4.3/5
Size: 24 w x 72 or 24w x 30L

This microfiber towel will do the trick of sticking like a glue to your towel once they are moist, so this towel is best suited for hot yoga sessions. Otherwise you could just sprinkle some water on top of it to avoid it from bunching up. This eco-friendly towel offers 15 variety of shades to pick from, so it wouldn’t be hard to find a shade that resembles your yoga mat. The moisture absorbing material prevents any soggy puddles on your towel so that you can stay dry and comfortable. Aurorae towels are the perfect combination of staying soft on the skin yet grippy enough to allow you to melt into your practice. This lightweight towel adds mobility to your practice to allow you to take your practice anywhere with you.

Cons: Needs to be dampened prior to use.

5. Shandali Gosweat Hot Yoga Towel

Hot Yoga Towel Reviews
Amazon rating: 4.3/5
Size: 26.5w x 72L

This cozy towel is made of microfiber has a microsuede type of texture that will help you move around smoothly . It is easy to maintain, as it can be machine washed and dried. Shandali towel is offered in 8 soft shades that would be a beautiful contrast or match to any yoga mat.  This towel provides excellent traction once you start sweating hence it is best for hot yoga or if you are doing regular yoga and is a heavy sweater. This towel is so good at absorbing moisture like a sponge and also dries quickly.

Cons: This towel is slippery when its dry so you would need to sprinkle some water on the mat. Even when you sprinkle water, it bunches up slightly which is nothing to worry about.

6. Shantihi Hot Yoga Towel

Hot Yoga Towel Reviews

Amazon rating: 4.8/5
Size: 24w x 72L

This affordable towel provides all the functions like most other expensive towels that are twice the price of this one. Shantihi yoga towel has the premium look and feel that is so easy on the skin without any nasty smell to it. It can easily be cleaned with other clothes in the washing machine and dries quickly. The premium microfiber will absorb any excess sweat to allow you to stay dry. The towel is so sturdy on the mat as well as provides great traction for your hands and feet. Its lightweight makes it portable to be carried anywhere with you. It is offered with a bonus ebook of 10 top ten restorative poses to relieve stress.

Cons: Available in three colours only and the towel needs to be dampened for better traction.


All the towels listed above are the best quality and top rated in the market to provide a slip-free foundation for your practice. They all are easy to maintain, can be machine washed and dries quickly. Now do you really need a yoga towel? it all depends for what purpose you need them, if you are doing any type of hot yoga or sweat a lot then you definitely need one otherwise you would not need them as much unless you want to avoid carrying your own mat or need extra support. Whether you like microfiber towels or silicone nub towels, it is very important that a towel serves its main function of providing an excellent traction that will take your practice to the next level. A towel can make all the difference and an inappropriate towel can add to frustration, something that should never be invited into yoga practice.

I would love your comments on this post. Have you tried any of these towels and what are the main functions that you need in your towel? Thank you for dropping by.

Best Regards

Ramandeep Kaur



  1. Thanks for sharing this Raman. I’ve been looking to purchase a new yoga mat as the last one I lent to a friend with no returns. Lets call it gift.
    I had a Mangofit previously and was very happy with it. While it was non slip, it was still very comfortable.

    1. Wow yes you can call it a gift by mistake :). I have had mangofit towel too and no doubt they are simply awesome in getting the job done. Thank you for dropping by.
      Best Regards

  2. Ok so I do yoga at home but never even heard of these towels to go on a mat! However, now I’m looking at it – I can’t believe I’ve never thought of how horrible and germy my yoga mat must be by now!! (Off to buy new mat and towel!!!)

    1. Hello Jo
      Like you, I never actually thought about these things before. It is through continuous reading and learning I bring such things to my notice that help me and people around me :).

  3. With a lot of people now getting into the keep fit craze, myself included, items like yoga mats are a great asset for exercising on, not necessarily yoga, and there is definitely a rise in sell’s on these items and i can see them as a great Christmas gift. Keep up the good work

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