9 Rare Yoga gifts ideas that is every yogi’s dream


If you are looking for budget-friendly yoga gifts ideas for the special yogi in your life, you are just at the right place, here is our unique top 8 list created thoughtfully for you. Finding a gift can be a stressful job but our list will make your job so much easier. These gift ideas are suitable for any occasion whether it is for birthday, anniversary, christmas or any special occasion.

1. Tibetan Meditation Yoga Singing Bowl Set 

This palm-sized meditation bowl set has a healing effect on your mind that calms it down and reduces all forms of diseases caused from stress disorders, pain and depression. The sounds generated by this bowl set prepares the mind for meditation and enhances the creative part of the brain. Additionally it enhances the beauty of the ambiance by adding more flavour to it.

2. Dharma Yoga Prop Wheel

Yoga gifts ideas

If it only looks like a circle to you, I bet a true yogi would know its value. Read my full review here to get a good idea about them .Yoga wheel adds a new touch to the yoga practice, I am talking about the fun part here. The stretching and massaging that can be accessed through this wheel can make a yogi feel like a pro in flexibility and so relaxed. Yoloha yoga wheel is (1)super affordable. (2) Ecofriendly that is made of high quality plastic and rubber (3) strong and durable that can hold a weight capacity of 1000 pounds (4) available in fancy look in 7 vibrant colours to pick from (5) comes with a free guidebook on 35 different poses.

3. Seven Chakra Healing Bracelet Set With Real Stones

While adding a noticeable touch to her fashion you are also taking good care of your dear yogi health because all the seven stones of this beautiful bracelet ward off a specific ailment from the body. The red stone is for protection, orange-yellowish for balance, the brown one for strength-stealth-vitality, the green to ward off negative energy, the turquoise for healing, dark blue for clarity and purple for calm/peace. This adjustable bracelet fits most wrists, the size varies from 7.25 inch to 9 inches. This unisex bracelet comes in set of 2 so you can keep one for yourself and gift the other one to your fellow friend, family member or love.

4. Lotus & Om Symbol Stainless Steel Pendant With Greeting Card

This stainless steel pendant will have eyes drooling over it while let the lotus symbol speak about your great inner strength that can stand tall against all darkness just like a lotus and the inner part of the pendant represents spirituality. What more to it? It comes with a greeting card that is made of heavy stock recycled paper. It can be a perfect gift for any occasion whether for yourself or for others.

5. Yoga Weight Loss Dvd

Yoga gifts ideasAs the holiday season gets closer, eating delicious food becomes simply irrestitable. Let her enjoy her special meals while let yoga burn for women be her perfect weight watcher. Who does not want to look attractive with a slim figure as quick as possible and yoga burn for women program is very popular program in guiding women to reshape and tone their body in as little as 12 weeks. This is a easy follow along program that is tailored to the needs of individuals to help her stay fit from the comfort of her home. I would recommend this program for five main reasons (1) user friendly (2) affordable (3) is result-oriented (4) progress at your own pace and (5) designed for all levels of yogis. You can read my review here and find out how the program works and read customer reviews based on their experiences with the program.

6. Facial Steamers For Natural Skin Treatment

Get your girl a facial steamer​ and save her from the chemicals and hundreds of dollars on those expensive skin care treatments. Facial steamers are the most natural skin care treatment that every women deserves .If her pores are clogged, no beauty cream can fix her skin because it will be sitting on top of the skin. Let facial steamers do its job of cleaning the pores, improving blood circulation, preventing acne and blackheads and removing dead skin. While using facial steamers will not only treat her skin but also take care of her sinuses, allergies and fatigue. I have reviewed 6 of the best facial steamers here that are super easy to use.

7. A Yoga Mat Made Naturally Of Cork

Yoga gifts ideasA true yogi knows the value of a yoga mat. If you ask any yogi, you will know that they always prefers natural yoga mats that look and feel good on the skin and there is no other mat that is comparable to a original cork mat like the yoloha yoga mat. Yes no doubt Yoloha yoga mat is expensively prised at $112 but this special mat is a one time investment and bypasses all the issues of the traditional yoga mats. Its top valuable features are it (1)has no rubber smell (2) is anti-bacterial that prevents the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms (3)comes with a jute rope strap for carrying it (4) is truely environmentally friendly; recycleabe and free of chemicals and plastics. Lastly the lifetime warranty included and the 60 days return offer without any questions asked talks aloud about the quality of this mat. To learn more about this amazing mat, read my full review here.

8. Take Yoga Anywhere With You With YogaDownload

Yoga gifts ideasDid you know yoga download is one of the biggest online platform that is offering access to everything including videos, live streaming of classes, music, unlimited downloads and they also offer you their free programs and packages at $120 annually. Yoga classes may not be that fun for everyone when your loved one has to rush to yoga classes and hold his/her preferred spot but that too one can only manage if the yoga classes are around the neighbourhood or few blocks away. Otherwise instead of calming one down, it can significantly add to stress. Why not cut down costs on attending those expensive yoga studio, that way you can conveniently practice yoga from the comfort of home. Yoga download also offers monthly and quarterly membership options or if you are not convinced yet then you can go for the two weeks trial offer for only one buck and still have access to everything. I am not kidding, yes its one buck for 2 weeks trial. The coolest thing about yogadownload is once someone is a member, they can download the videos as well. To uncover more of these goodies offered by yoga download, take a look at my review here.

9. A Yoga Mat Bag With Enough Space And Pockets 

This classy and beautiful yoga mat bag with the decorative embroidery will compliment any of her outfit. Trust me, we women can never have enough handbags and this can be a thoughtful gift for your dear yogi friend. No more messy zippers, just slide your mat in and you will still have enough room for your other stuff like small towels, yoga blocks while the two zippered pockets will make enough room for your phone, water bottle and snack bars. The cool thing about this high quality tote bag is it comes with longer and wider straps that make it convenient to carry it while walking, shopping and yoga without hurting your arms.

I hope these ideas made your job easier; happy shopping. I would love your feedback or comments, you can leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

A warm namaste to you,

Ramandeep Kaur




  1. Wow wow wow… such a nice article with great ideas. I am going to share thins article with everyone for sure.. thank you so much for sharing this with us as we all need good ideas and gifts related to yoga is a super idea..

    1. Hello Kwacha
      Yoga download is awesome, I have used it and love the service and the freedom to actually download their videos that you can take yoga with anywhere even if there is no internet connection. Thank you for your wonderful compliment.
      Best Regards

    1. You are most welcome and we are on the same page on because I too have been practicing for 15 years! I love the tibetan singing bowl too, it is so amazingly soothing to the mind.
      Best Regards

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