About me

My Journey With Yoga

Hello I am Raman, welcome to my website. I have been a health freak ever since I was a child, I enjoy and try to get the best out of natural health enhancing foods and poses and pranayamas of yoga. Coming from a country like India, which is the base of yoga, I consider myself privileged to have possessed all the original knowledge of yoga from my ancestors. My passion for yoga is the reason why I created this website and I wanted to share my tips with all the wonderful people around me. I have been practising yoga since 2002, that is for 15 years and the result is positive, healthy body. They are many reasons that motivate me to make yoga part of my everyday life. Please don’t hate me for this but one reason that I would love to share is it has helped me bounce back 8 years younger in appearance. I am not sharing my age here, yes you got it right I am another female who likes to keep it secret :). Jokes apart, it is not necessary that you take out 1 hour everyday for yoga, all you need is just 20 min and that is enough to help you look beautiful and heal naturally.

How yoga cured me?

I discontinued yoga in 2012 for 2 years as my busy life got into the way and that was the time when I started encountering so many health problems. I had thyroid for 3 years. I lost weight like crazy and I started to look skinny, in addition to this I could not conceive and had insomnia too. Doctor put me on meditation, I don’t like pills and decided not to take them, however I don’t recommend this to anyone . I started practicing yoga everyday, then 2 weeks later I visited my doctor again. This time she was shocked as I told her I did not take medication and still she found no symptoms of thyroid. Its been 3 years since then that I restored my health and I have not encountered thyroid again. So this is a miracle to me, it worked as my lifeline! My sleep have definitely gotten way better and I don’t have insomnia anymore.

Yoga is a cure to every disease and problem you can think of, it could be stress, insomnia, body aches, allergies, weight loss, anxiety or whatever disease you may name. Its help unite our mind, body and soul and helps you relax, stay happy and positive. I can’t emphasize how wonderful is yoga until you try it out and feel the difference.

Please feel free to leave your comments or questions behind and it will be my pleasure to help you, thank you.

Best Regards

Ramandeep Kaur (Founder)