Yoloha Yoga Wheel VS. Dharma Yoga Prop Wheel


Best Yoga Wheel- Yoloha Yoga Wheel VS. Dharma Yoga Prop Wheel

When I first began my journey of yoga about 15 years ago, I started out with the most basic thing that was a yoga mat and that was it. Down the years, as my love for yoga grew, I wanted to get the best out of  my practice and make it more fun so I slowly grew in love with all the yoga accessories and Yoga wheel is one of them.  With the growing popularity of yoga wheels and specially the ones that are sturdy and eco-friendly, I was keen to find out which is the best yoga wheel? so I decided to discover and review two of these that really impressed me, Yoloha Yoga Wheel and Dharma Yoga Wheel. A yoga wheel might look like only a circle to you but if you used it you would know the magic of it. It is very effective tool for stretching and massaging your back thereby relieving the pain and stress specially in the shoulders and back area. Yoga Wheel makes yoga easier especially for beginners by providing improved balance and flexibility to allow deeper and safer stretches. It helps open up the entire body including the hips, chest, abdomen, and arms to create more space.​


Yoloha Yoga Wheel

Price: $119

Customer Rating: 5/5

Specifications: Weight 2.5 lbs. | Diameter: 12 in. |

Width: 5.5 in.

Holds upto: 250 lbs

Where to buy: Yoloha Official Website


Yoloha Yoga Wheel is 100% natural and chemical free

Yoloha Yoga Cork wheel as the name implies is made of cork and the core is made of wood, which is unique in itself. In case you are wondering what is Cork? It is the outer branch of trees, which means Yoloha only peels off the outer branch of trees by hand every 9 years, and no trees are cut down for making the products. Is not that cool? The best feature about this wheel is that cork has a natural ability to kill any kind of germs and smell so you do not have to worry about cleaning this wheel a lot. Your skin is not exposed to any plastic or chemicals, it is 100% natural, even the inner and the outer layers of the wheel are sealed together with handmade organic beeswax. In case you are interested in learning more about cork products, I have done another review on a Yoloha product before which was the Yoloha Original Cork Yoga Mat.

Yoloha Yoga Wheel is strong (unbreakable), cushy and non-slip

It is strong enough to carry maximum weight upto 250 pounds while it is also soft to provide cushion to your precious joints and muscles. The Latex free soft foam padding on the outer layer is what does the trick of providing comfort to your back and joints while cork on top of it provides excellent non-slip grip. The interior edges are rounded, so this ensures that you don’t cut yourself plus it makes the gripping so much comfortable.

Light and beautiful handmade wheel

With a weight of only 2.5 lbs, you can easily carry it to your studio or use it at home. The beautiful handmade wheel with a top level coating of handmade beeswax is an art in itself to catch others attention and show off your personal taste.

Comes with a life-time guarantee and guidebook

Another impressive thing about Yoloha Yoha Wheel is when the item is shipped to you, you receive your Yoloha Yoga wheel with a lifetime guarantee,  this itself explains the strong durability of the wheel. You will be provided a free guide book with the yoga wheel to guide you on using the wheel correctly.The guidebook comes with 35 postures that can be used by a beginner to advanced level yogi.

Dharma Yoga Prop Wheel

Price: $44.99                          

Customer Rating: 4.9/5

Specifications:Weight 2.5 lbs. | Diameter: 13 in. | Width: 5 in.

Holds upto: 1000lbs

Where to buy: Amazon

Strongest Wheel with non-slip grip

Dharma yoga wheel claims to be the strongest wheel in the market with a weight endurance capacity of 1000 pounds so there is no way you it will crack on your back. It is very sturdy to allow you to comfortably practice yours poses without sliding; in addition to that, it is also soft and comfortable to roll your body over it.

Dharma Yoga Wheel is made of quality plastic and rubber

The Dharma Yoga Wheel is ecofriendly wheel but is not 100% natural like that of Yoloha Yoga wheel . It is made of thermoplastic rubbers that is a mix of plastic and rubber. But they claim that it is the high quality plastic that is free from sythetic and toxic materials.

Comes in beautiful, vibrant colours

It is convenient and portable to carry around anywhere but however when I compare it to Yoloha Yoga Wheel, it is slightly heavier with a weight of 3.7 pounds. Unlike Yoloha yoga wheel that is available in one wood colour, Dharma wheel comes in beautiful vibrant colours with seven different colours to choose from. Each Wheel comes in a combination of two beautiful colors.

Comes with a 3- years gurantee, bonus gift and basic guidebook

Dharma Yoga Wheel comes with a 3 year guarantee only so considering the price at $44.99, it is a pretty good deal. As of January 22, 2017, the company is sending out a bonus gift with the wheel which includes foldable handy bag and grippy socks. In addition to that like the Yoloha Yoga Wheel this one also comes with a guidebook but this book only guides you with the basic poses.

Yoloha Yoga Vs. Dharma Yoga Prop Wheel

 Yoloha Yoga Wheel                                                   Dharma Yoga Prop Wheel

Price: $119                                                                        Price: $44.99

Non-slip grip                                                                    Non-slip grip

weight capacity is 250 lbs                                              Weight capacity is 1000 lbs

Weighs 2.5 lbs                                                                  Weighs 3.7 lbs

Made of wood and cork                                                  Made of plastic and rubber

Comes with life-time guarantee                                   Comes with 3 years guarantee

Comes in one wood color                                               Choose from seven vibrant colours

Wrapping it up

When you compare the two, both are unique in their ways, depending on what preferences you have for a wheel. Both the wheels are sturdy, slip free and strong.  Yes I agree Yoloha Yoga Wheel is expensive but that would be one-time investment on a yoga wheel plus it comes with a lifetime guarantee. But if this is your first wheel and you are unsure whether you are going to be using the wheel a lot then a small investment on Dharma Yoga is perfect at this time. Also it depends on whether you are looking for a whole natural product as in Yoloha Yoga Wheel or you don’t mind a mix of plastic and rubber. So if you love 100% natural wheel made of wood and cork then Yoloha Yoga Wheel is the right wheel for you on the other hand if you are looking for a strong yet affordable yoga wheel that comes in fancy look and beautiful colors then Dharma yoga wheel is the one you should go with. All I wish is whichever wheel you decide to go with, is the best yoga wheel for you that suits your unique style & comfort and takes your yoga practice to the next level.

Thabk you for visiting this website. Please leave your comments below about your experiences with yoga wheel or which one you think is the best.

Best Regards

Ramandeep Kaur (Founder)



  1. Thank you for this post! My girlfriend has been researching these but hadn’t found any thorough reviews until we found yours. Really appreciate all the specs! Thank you!

    1. Hello Eric,
      It is my pleasure to share with you and I am happy that your girlfriend found my website helpful. Thank you for dropping my and leaving your comment.


  2. I really like yoga wheels. Like you said these are excellent for effectively stretching and massaging your body. The improved balance and flexibility is truly a godsend because some poses can be a bit tricky.

    My favorite wheel in this article is the Yoloha Yoga Wheel. I love the way it was created using all natural materials none of which are harmful to the human body. I really like the look of the Yoloha wheel. I think this one is going to look the best in my home studio. I love the cork and wood look.

    Another feature that i really like is the non-slip material. This of course increase your balance when attempting the tougher poses. I can’t imagine being on a wheel that didn’t have the same feature.

    Thanks for the great read 🙂 I’m a believer now

    1. Hello Justin,
      Just like you I prefer natural things that’s the whole point of yoga, breathe natural and live natural. Yoloha wheel is definitely the unique one that is close to my heart as well and like you mentioned about tougher poses this wheel is the best one for those poses. Thank you for dropping by. I wish you a happy, healthy body.


  3. Hello there, Wow! I like Yoga and Pilates but have never come across a Yoga Wheel before. So many styles and designs to. I have friends who would love this to. I would like to see some exercises to do with the Wheel so I understand how to use it. Great product and concise write up. I have bookmarked this page.

    1. Hello, I know many people are not aware of yoga wheels as it is a new trend. I will definitely be writing another article on how to use yoga wheel so stay tuned. Thank you for your kind words. I wish you a happy, healthy body.

  4. Hi, Raman.
    I struggle a little bit with back and shoulder pain, and I’m interested in how this works. Can you explain a little bit about how to use a yoga wheel in the best way? Is there another article I can look at?

  5. Hello Scott,
    If you are a newbie to using yoga wheel, the best way to Learn is to watch YouTube videos, I will be writing a post on it soon so stay tuned. Thank you for
    Dropping by. I wish you happy and healthy body

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