Gaiam Premium Reversible Yoga Mats Review- Is It Good Quality?


Gaiam Premium Reversible Yoga Mats Review- Is It Good Quality?

Gaiam Yoga Mats

Specs: 68″L x 28″W x 5mm
Customers Average Rating: Gaiam yoga mats 4.4/5
Price: Check current price at Amazon
Weight: 2.5 lbs
Colours: Available in so many cute prints and colours

Today I am excited to talk about the most popular yoga mat, Gaiam. This brand takes its responsibility very serious about the impact of its products on the environment, hence they ensure that they make all naturals products. The word gaia means earth goddess, you will notice that they carry this slogan forward in all of their mats, by mostly creating bright earthy colour mats that connect us and symbolize  the nature such as the elephant reversible yoga mat, granite mountains yoga mat, kiku reversible yoga mat and many more. Gaiam creates eco-friendly yoga mats and sells all other kinds of yoga products and accessories ranging from yoga mats, bags, towels to balance discs, balls and back, foot and hand care tools. ​I want to make sure that I provide my most honest views, so I will talk about what I like and don’t like about Gaiam yoga mats.

What we love about Gaiam Yoga Mats?

1. Reversible with huge variety of beautiful patterns

The  best value that gaiam offers with its mat, is its reversible feature.Both sides are equally beautiful and vibrant, that makes your practice fun and focused. The most striking feature of the gaiam yoga mats undoubtedly is its beautiful wide varieties of printable patterns. No doubt that picking one single mat from so many breath taking natural designs is a difficult task. Every time that you start your practice, these patterns will bring a smile on your face. Once you take it to your yoga class, it will for sure catch others attention and get you compliments.

2. High quality without high price tags

As yogis we know that a high quality mat is easily over $100, but Gaiam yoga mats are high quality without the high price tags. With a price range below $40, Gaiam offers so many features in its yoga mats such as excellent grip, lightweight, double sides usage with fun patterns, extra padding, latex and chemical free and lifetime guarantee.

3. Eco-friendly mat, free from harmful phthalates and latex

This mat is made of PVC which makes it more preferable for those who are allergic to latex. That is why, it is affordable unlike most rubber mats that are easily prized over $100. What makes it eco-friendly product is the fact that it is free from the most harmful chemicals found in most other brands.

4. Lightweight and portable

Despite the 5mm thickness of the mat, it is lightweight and easily portable. It weighs only 2.5 pounds, that means you can easily roll it up and carry it to your yoga class. If you are a frequent traveller who is always on the wheels, you may want to opt for the lighter version of Gaiam foldable yoga mat, which weighs one pound.

The size of this reversible mat is 68″L x 24W only but this does not bother me as it is good enough for average height. However, if you are above average height then you might want to check out the longer and wider version of gaiam yoga mat which is the Gaiam athletic yoga series.

What others are saying about Gaiam Yoga Mats?

Gaiam premium print yoga mat has been designated as the top seller by Amazon’s choice with 1,362 reviews worldwide. Gaiam premium print reversible yoga mat also has huge number of reviews, the 569 reviews worldwide with a customer rating of 4.4/5 speaks aloud about the quality of this mat. Here are some of the reviews:

on September 30, 2017
“I love my mat. It’s so pretty. It did have a faint rubber smell upon opening but it didn’t take long to disappear. It’s held up to many outdoor sessions in dewy grass, in the sun, on the beach, and my floors. The mat hasn’t began peeling or losing it’s design in any way. Love it”

By Beacher68​ on March 16, 2017
“I love this mat. It is just the right thickness and length and I love the design on both sides! It was a good value for the price. I would recommend this mat”.

on January 26, 2017
“I LOVE this mat! I love the design, that it is reversible, and the thickness. Having this mat has added a lot of joy to my practice, it makes me smile when I roll it out, and the thickness has given me more confidence getting into and holding poses. I am just thrilled with this purchase. Nice job Gaiam”

on April 13, 2016
“Love it, Pretty color. I have a bad knee and wanted a slightly thicker mat for my hot yoga class. This feels great”.

5. Extra Comfort and thickness

Gaiam premium print reversible yoga mat is incredibly cushy, a little thicker at 5mm than most average mats. The extra cushioning would be beneficial for anyone who prefers more support in the knees, joints and other problematic areas. Thicker mats make it convenient to hold poses that require you to stay on your knees or hands such as the low lunge. These mats are good for the regular sessions but for advanced yoga sessions, due to lesser stability it would also be difficult to perform balancing poses like the eagle pose or the tree pose on a 5mm thickness, so the studio select power grip yoga mat with 4mm thickness would be ideal. If you prefer thinner mats, Gaiam yoga mat offers different levels of thickness to suit the needs of different levels of yogis from beginner to advanced levels. Though Gaiam offers thickness ranging from 1.8mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm to 15 mm but I would say the thinner the mat, the better the grip and stability.

What is not good about Gaiam yoga mat

Like most other mats, the print on this mat smells chemical too when its first removed from the packaging, but Gaiam admits that the chemical smells dissipates once you air-dry it for 2-3 day.

Some users claim that this mat starts to wear off in 7-8 months while others claim it lasted long enough. It depends on the user usage, if the mat is misused like exposed to the sun then that will impact its durability. But I don’t think that is a really big issue as the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty which itself will cover you from any risk on your investment plus even if its durability is not extended to lifetime, it can easily be replaced with such an affordable price.

Gaiam yoga mats has some texture to it but Keep in mind that this mat offers grip against sweat so it is not the ideal mat for hot or bikram yoga practice. Also make sure that you clean these mats prior to use and maintain it clean as these steps would ensure better grip, afterall PVC mats provide better stickiness than a rubber mat when they are clean. For sweaty sessions like hot yoga, you could use a towel on top of it otherwise I would highly recommend Manduka yoga mat. They are expensive mats but are all in one yoga mats for all types of yoga with great durability and provide appropriate cushioning as well.

Wrapping it up

Gaiam has been in the yoga mats industry for a very long time and is a reputed and well-known brand that has always been ranked among the top 10 yoga mats. Gaiam offers all kinds of mats, the ones made of PVC and also made of natural rubber. It depends on you what type you like and how much your budget supports. A PVC made mat allows you to enjoy the high quality mat by Gaiam while staying in the budget. There is some unique feeling that is soothing to the mind when you practice on bright earthy colours with beautiful prints of nature. After all, we yogis have a personal connection with the yoga mat that should add a smile to our face and make our practice more fun and vibrant.

What is your favourite budget friendly mat? Is there a mat that you would like me to review? Any other comments or suggestions are most welcome, I would be pleased to get back to you as soon as I can. For more interesting reviews, stay tuned.

Best Regards

Ramandeep Kaur



  1. Great!I enjoyed the review it well detailed, Kindly is there a special way to clean the mat because my yoga instructer tells us not to use soap on them mat cause it will lose the grip. I find that the mat is not as clean as I would like it to be. Can the gaiam mats be cleaned with soap?
    Thank you Ramandeep

    1. Hello Mutai
      I am pleased to know that you enjoyed the review. Gaiam recommends Spot clean with their Yoga Mat Wash or damp cloth with cold water and mild detergent. So yes mild detergent is fine :). I hope this helps.
      Best Regards

  2. Great stuff ! My girlfriend is always complaining about her Yoga mats starting to smell after just a few weeks and when you add to that the usual cost of $100+, it can definitely get to become a rather expensive hobby/workout. The PVC mat is certainly worth looking into it for her – budget friendly and durable . Thanks for the worthwhile breakdown !

    1. Hello Rico
      This is a very common problem if not all but with most mats, if the mat is made of rubber it smells of rubber and if it is made of PVC then it smells of the chemicals that it was printed with, cork mat would do better in terms of smell but they are so pricey. Some mats takes forever to get rid of the smell while few mats smell for a little while once you air-dry them they are fine like the Gaiam yoga mats. Thank you for sharing your experience.
      Best Regards

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