How to boost your memory? 1 easy tested way!


How to Boost your Memory? 1 easy tested way!

With all the distractions and the requirement of being able to handle multiple task at the workplace makes it harder to focus on the task at hand. Your brain is storming with numerous thoughts, while there is the constraint of deadline pressure and yet the phone does not stop ringing. Well then it is time to stop your brain from the old habit of stressing and not focusing. Wondering how to boost your memory? This is where time proven yoga since centuries comes into play. Yoga practice clears our mind to focus and see things more clearly.

There are various types of yoga and any type you chose will give you similar results. However I wish to talk about meditation here which only requires 10 minutes of your time. It is often thought and confused as being complex but it is super simple. Mediation is about focusing on a single point like your breath, an object or the inner sockets of your eyes while you hold on to your pose and practice while not being distracted by noise or thoughts. It is normal for our mind to wonder, simply start to hold your focus back on your breathing and let the thoughts pass away like clouds. Our mind has earned a habit of wondering no matter where we are or what we are doing. With daily practice you learn to get your focus deeper and deeper and that is where you feel relaxed. Before you know you will become so much better at focusing on things without letting your mind drift. You will notice with distractions around, you will observe everything around you but you will have the ability to focus on your task without being distracted.

Just the breath work of yoga will help you to center your energy instead of wasting it by spreading it all over. Just like you practice yoga while focusing on your breath, you will surprised how your body will act in a similar way to focus on the task at hand while blocking out all other distractions. The ability to focus using yoga can be used everywhere in any field, it could be business, sports, art or anything that you can name.

Tested Results indicate increased focus

According to a former WWE wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, he had inherited dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder since he was younger, “I grew up not knowing how to read, you’re talking about a guy who was 30 year old and reading at a third-grade level. Since I’ve gotten into yoga, the focus has really helped my reading big-time. I’m still not great, but I’m much better than I was.”

Increased Focus

An assistant district attorney in the Atlanta area, uses yoga to stay focused to win cases against evil. He has a lot of pressure on him as he prosecutes cases against crimes on women and children involving rape, torture, molestation. Cooke says “I’m in court almost everyday fighting for justice and if I loose, evil wins”.

Cooke mentions that there is great pressure on him as he needs to be in the moment when the defense attorney is trying to cheat and the judge is digging his brain out with questions, there is no way that he can think about anything else or worry about the last case he lost. He uses his deep breathing, inhaling and exhaling out through his nose to keep him focused and calm and it works great. No doubt the old school approach of dealing with stress works when they say just relax and breathe in and out.

Toe Balance Pose

Here is one of the best pose in fact it is also my favourite meditation pose for focusing. This pose works great for improving your focus, it trains your brain to increase concentration. For this pose, you need to balance your body weight on a small part of your body which are your toes (you will notice, it works on your thigh, ankles and feet by toning and strengthening them).

Toe Balance


  1. Bend down on the floor in child pose , with your hands in front of you
  2. Raise yourself on your toes
  3. Inhale and make sure your spine is straight with your hands off the floor
  4. Your thigh should be parallel to the floor.
  5. Balance yourself while resting your hands on tops of your knees then extend your arms straight parallel to the floor.
  6. Continue to breathe for 5 times.
  7. Now try to move your knees closer to the floor.
  8. This will require you to balance your body again, as your body will push up a little more on your toes.
  9. Once you find your balance again, bring your arms towards your chest with hands joined together in Namaste position.
  10. Hold for up to 5 breaths again.
  11. Recover from the pose by going back on your heels.

Don’t you think this is a tricky pose which requires full focus? Well that’s the point of it. After performing this pose for 2-3 times and you feel you got the hang of it, try this pose while focusing on your breathing which is your inhalation and exhalation. Try not to focus on your body movements which is normal in the beginning. Perform this pose now with 10 full breaths.

After you feel you have mastered the pose with the breathing which will take few practices. Try the same pose with your eyes closed. This one is a little tough but worth the challenge. You are only risking at most 10 minutes/day of your time to increase your productivity, don’t you think its worth it?

If you wish to include additional poses for concentration to your routine, try these

If you liked this post please leave your comments below, I would love to know how did this pose work out for you? or why it did not work out or if there is anything about yoga that you would like to discuss with me. I can’t wait to hear from you and I will be happy to respond to you as soon as I can.


Raman (Founder)



    1. Hello Dawayne,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. I feel happy to know that meditation has helped you in a great way. Thank you for sharing your experience.


  1. I didn’t know that yoga could help with your memory, that’s amazing! I definitely want to give this a try, considering I don’t have the best memory! Great site!

    1. Hello Brandi,

      Thank you for the comment. I am happy that I moved you to the right direction, give it a try and let me know how it works for you. Thank you for visiting my site.


  2. Thank you very much. This site is helpful. I am not the in the 5% of the population who truly know how to multitask. Neither am I in the other 90% percent, who pretend to know that they do, and pretend very well. (I just made that last percentage up.) I am in the small category of people, who cannot multitask, or even slightly pretend to. So I look forward to trying out these exercises.

    1. Hello Constance,

      I love the fact how honest you are! Infact most of us act in the same way, we just pretend to show we are great multi-taskers and I have been there too that is why who I tried meditation. I hope it helps you as well.


  3. That toe balance pose looks pretty tricky!
    I love meditation, and it has given my life a lot more focus in all areas since I started really practicing it this year. I always thought that meditation was kind of woo woo and out there, but now I understand that it is just taking time to be aware. Sometimes, I just go outside and walk in the grass with my shoes off and just feel the sensations of the grass on my feet…it energizes me!

    1. Hello Irma,

      Thank you for your comment. I thought the same thing about meditation until I started practicing it. Yes you are right meditation is about feeling the sensations in your body, and it helps you relate to yourself, it feels so great like a whole new body. It is definitely a energy booster apart from the fact it helps with concentration. Thank you for visiting my site and sharing your experiences.

      Best Regards

  4. Wonderful site really appreciate the information provided in it about Yoga . I will definitely try Yoga to Heal my mom body and mind..

  5. Hello Amarjit

    Thank you for the compliment. It is wonderful to know that you have been convinced to give yoga a try. Please let me know if there is any way that I can help you. Thank you for visiting my site.


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