How To Learn Yoga At Home? Get Free Access To Hundred Of Videos!


With new yoga classes popping up everywhere, and so many different types of yoga being offered, it may actually confuse a beginner who has little knowledge of yoga, as to where to start? I have been there as well but back then, yoga classes were few and the categories of yoga were not sub-categorized and synthesized such as Bikram yoga as it is today.  With all the relaxing and health benefits that yoga offers may counteract its effect, when you have to fight the traffic and the time pressure to rush to yoga classes, and after all this , you still may not find your preferred spot in the class. While taking out time is one main factor but yoga studios are not affordable either. Even if you somehow afford to pay for the classes, then for some focus is one problem as for someone like me, who had her eyes wandering around the class, comparing myself to others who were more advanced.

So why not practice yoga from the comfort of your home while cutting down costs and time? With the guidance of so many free online classes, it has become easier than it used to be. Yoga Download is one of the biggest platform, that is offering free classes from the most experienced yoga instructors. But before I dig into the details of how to learn yoga at home with Yoga Download, I would like to offer five tips on how your home practice can become fun and efficient.

1. Set aside a fixed time

It is best to practice yoga in the morning, as it boosts you with energy for the entire day. It enhances a good feeling vibe for the day, which in turn means you are more likely to do your best for the day, such as make better choices relating to your behaviour, eating, sleeping and speaking. As yoga calms our mind, hence our day starts with positivity. Most importantly, in the morning the mind is more settled than the rest of the day hence the positive vibes will flow around you during your practice. This does not mean that you cannot practice in the afternoon or evening, as yoga will always be beneficial no matter what time of the day you practice, but my point is that morning practice is more rewarding.

2. Practice on an empty stomach

Another reason why it is recommended to practice yoga in the morning is because at that time, our digestive system is not performing its complex job of processing food. If you are practicing during the evening or afternoon, it is best to practice 3-4hours after your meals. Even you should avoid sipping water during your practice, so try to drink water at least half an hour before or after your practice.

3. Choose a direction

Listen to your body, if you have not slept well and feel tried then do gentle yoga like the restorative or hatha yoga, that will get you charged for the day. If you feel your mind racing with thoughts, anticipating the routine for the day, then start with pranayamas like anulom vilom and shavasana to calm you down. If you are blooming with energy then intense practices like vinyasa flow will get you going. However, as a beginner I would recommend hatha yoga, as it is gentle and as you get better on your flexiiblity you could opt for more vigorous practice or continue with hatha yoga practice like myself.

4. Assign a space to your practice

The best advantage of practicing from home is you get to choose your space. You can practice anywhere where you feel comfortable like in the living room or your room but wherever you start practicing, try to allot that space to your everyday practice. This space will remind you of your practice and will provide a welcome feeling to your practice when you step in.

5. Don’t Judge yourself

Most of us are so much in the habit of judging others and ourselves, that before we start something new we are afraid of failure. When you practice yoga, leave all your judgement aside, just notice your breathing, your flexibility and how positively your body responds to all this. At first flexibility may not come to you right away, but regular practice will enable your muscles to adapt themselves to improved flexes. Yogis practice yoga at their own pace, without expecting success or failure because yoga is above all of that, its about you and not about others or about winning a race.

What is Yoga Download

How to learn yoga at home?
Yoga Download, is a popular online yoga website that has been offering excellent yoga videos, live steaming classes, audios and yoga music for 10 years. Without any membership, you can access over 100 yoga classes, all for free. You have the option to choose from so many different styles of yoga ranging from gentle to vigorous, to name a few such as the hatha, vinyasa, power, jivamukti, prenatal and yin yoga. Then you can also choose the duration of your practice because they are videos ranging from 3 min to over an hour. You have access to a wide variety of videos provided by a huge range of teachers plus fresh content is updated regularly, that it is impossible to get bored. Though the free access is sufficient as a starter , however if you wish to download their videos (yes unlike other sites, they provide you a option to download videos yay), then you would have to pay for them. For every video, the download price varies, while the maximum price could go up to $8.99 depending on the length of the video. If you opt to become a member, the best thing about this website is that the membership price is super low at $18/month, plus you have access to all the content including thousands of videos and unlimited download. I will discuss the pricing in details later on.

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Who Will Love Yoga Download?

If you find yourself listed in any of the below categories, then Yoga Download is definitely for you:

  • Trying to stay on budget
  • Frequently travels
  • Enjoys practicing at your own pace
  • Beginner to yoga
  • Does not have a yoga studio close by
  • Is not able to commit to yoga classes schedule
  • Don’t have the time for classes
  • Is athlete
  • Enjoys variety of classes

Features of Yoga Download

How to learn yoga at home?

As you can see in the picture that Yoga Download is super simple to use, it allows you to filter classes based on the features listed below. Besides filtering your session type, you will  be able to tune in your poses with the huge variety of music offered by yoga download to compliment with your practice.

Style: The styles offered by Yoga Download are Align and Flow, Anusara Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Baptiste Power Yoga, Beginner Yoga, Barre, Bhakti Yoga, Films & Documentaries, Forrest Yoga, Fusion Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Kid’s Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Power Yoga, Prana Flow Vinyasa, Pranayama, Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga With Weights, Yoga en Español

Teacher: You can choose from over hundreds of yoga teachers, they also have many reputable teachers with over 5 years of experience.

Length: Choose the length of your video based on your time. The videos range from less than 5 min to over 180 minutes.

Level: Choose your level from beginner to advanced.

Intensity: Choose your intensity level from easy to vigorous session.

Focus: Choose the video based on the area of your body you want to focus on, for example: abs, weight loss, strengthen and tone, cardio classes, sun salutation, therapeutic and so on.

Media: Choose what type of media you prefer? a audio class only or video.

Packages Offered

How to learn yoga at home?

The yearly unlimited access of $120 is attractive saving plan as you pay only $10 a month and you get access to everything including videos, live streaming of classes, music, unlimited downloads and they also offer you their free programs and packages. If you like to go for the monthly plan, the monthly standard at $12, would be a better option if you plan to practice from home only. It only makes sense to go for monthly unlimited if you are someone who travels quite often and does not have access to the internet as that way you can download your videos and still continue your practice from anywhere.

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  • Access to thousands of high quality videos.
  • Access to wide variety of yoga music, to compliment your yoga practice.
  • Very simple to use and find classes, as classes can be filtered based on user’s preference.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • The videos are rated and reviewed by the users to help you understand what to expect.
  • Practice yoga peacefully from the comfort of your home.
  • Fresh content updated on a regular basis.
  • Live streaming classes are available that give you the feeling of attending a real yoga studio.
  • Thousands of videos including every styles of yoga for beginner to advanced levels.
  • Save yourself hundreds of dollars from going to expensive yoga classes.


  • No personal guidance from a yoga instructor.
  • No social interaction. Sometimes it feels nice to leave the house and interact with new people.

How to learn yoga at home?

Wrapping it Up

I have been using Yoga Download for over 2 months and I absolutely love it because just the monthly price of Yoga Download is equivalent to one yoga studio class. Also they offer so much for that price, such as thousands of videos, free downloads which most other yoga site will not allow and music to go with your practice. So if you are trying to learn yoga from home, then Yoga Download is a jackpot offer where you can’t go wrong.

Leave you comments below, I will be pleased to get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you

Ramandeep kaur



  1. Thanks for telling me about this program, I’ve been having lower back pain since early summer and my chiropractor has suggested I try doing some yoga for pain relief and muscle relaxation. Thanks for the article!

  2. Yoga is awesome. you don’t realize how many muscles you use doing those poses, It works muscles you never knew you had and its a lot harder than it looks to learn to do it properly. An instructor is a great thing to have.

    1. Hello Brian
      I totally agree on that. The poses may seem simple and for those who prefer intensive workout may think it’s not working as yoga is gentle. Yoga works the best for weight loss as well. But yoga is the only exercise that not only takes care of your body but also your mental health.
      Best regard

  3. Thanks for this in-depth review of yoga download. While yoga is pretty much everywhere, not everyone has time in their schedule to go to a class, or money to go to in-person classes for that matter. It’s great to see a good alternative yoga program available online.

    1. I am glad it helped, yoga is more accessible than ever. I wish they were such free online websites when I started yoga, life would have been so much easier:).
      Best Regards

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