Weight Loss with Yoga

How To Lose Belly Fat In A Month- 8 Easy, Effective Steps.

Lose Belly Fat

Just like you, I have tried everything out there to lose that stubborn belly fat, but guess what? nothing worked? But I bet you won’t regret trying out yoga and I am glad I tried it that is why I know it surely works for me.

When it comes to losing belly, I can confidently say that no workout or other exercise can be more effective than yoga. Don’t get fooled by the breathing practices and easy poses which might create an illusion that they are not effective for losing belly fat, but according to the advice of the doctors, these yoga exercises can seriously take off huge chunks of weight. In addition to weight loss, it works to create a healthy mind,  soul and spirit resulting in overall healthy body which no other form of exercise or gym workout can promise.

How yoga helps with weight loss? By now we know yoga calms brain by reducing stress hormones in our body which itself creates happy healthy body but it also increases insulin sensitivity this signals our body to convert fat into carbohydrate which prevents excess fat from being stored.

When you are starting out yoga while focusing on losing belly fat, don’t push yourself to commitments. If you are happy starting it once a week, then start with that and as you feel comfortable you may slowly consider stepping up to three or four times a week or even more. Once you get the hang of it, you will start enjoying it and each day practice will get more exciting so that way you will want to make it a part of your everyday routine. In addition to this, I want to point out that diet plays a very important role and there is no other alternative to it, so watch out your diet and follow the steps below, you will see the difference in a month.

Okay lets perform these simple and very effective poses which are my favorites for reducing belly fat and you will know the most effective ways of how to lose belly fat in a month?

Kapalbhati (Breath of fire ) is the most excellent asana for reducing not only belly fat but overall fat of the body.

Benefits of Raised Leg Pose (Uttanpadasana)

  1. It works on slimming belly fat and toning the belly (you will feel the pressure on lower abs while performing this exercise).
  2. Very effective exercise for loosing inches from your hips and thighs.
  3. Stretches out and streghtens the back.
  4. Tones and straightens the legs, thighs, and hips.
  5. Helps in relieving acidity, stomach ache and digestion problems.
  6. Excellent exercise for patients with diabetes as it reduces swelling on the feet.
  7. Heals and enhances the function of the reproductive organs.
  8. Increases blood flow to the abdomen and strengthens it.

Steps for Raised Legs Pose (Uttanpadasana)

  • Lie straight on the floor on your spine with your legs placed together.
  • Place your arms under your hip of your body with your palms facing the floor.
  • Start raising both your legs without bending them at the knees.
  • Stop at 30 degree from the floor and stop for 5 breaths.
  • Similiarly stop at 60 and 90 degree from the ground,  stop for 5 breaths each time.
  • Slowly release stopping at 60 and 30 degree while holding for 5 breaths each time.
  • Repeat this exercise up to 4 times.

Precautions for Raised Leg Pose (Uttanpadasana)

  1. Avoid this pose during pregnancy.
  2. Avoid this pose if you have back, hips and knee injury.
  3. Don’t practice it if you have excessive abdominal pain or surgery.
  4. People suffering from high blood pressure should avoid this pose.

Benefits of Cobra Pose (Bhujangsana Pose)

  1. Tones the butt and legs.
  2. Provides strength to the butt, spine and legs.
  3. Provide strength to the shoulders and arms.
  4. Effectively reduces belly fat.
  5. Helps relieve stress at the shoulders and throughout the body.
  6. Eases pain at the shoulders and muscle tension.
  7. Promotes blood and oxygen circulation to spine and abdominal region.
  8. Promotes blood circulation to the heart and lungs by clearing passages and blockage of the veins.
  9. Promotes blood supply to the kidneys.
  10. Heals fatigue.
  11. Helps to fight asthma.
  12. Heals and permanently treats symptoms of sciatic pain.
  13. It calms the brain and rejuvenates cells in the body which creates happy hormones.
  14. Improves digestion and menstrual disorders.

Steps for Cobra pose (Bhujangasana)

  1. Lie on the floor with your belly facing towards the ground
  2. Place your feet together and chin towards the ground
  3. Bring your arms to the side of your chest with your palms as though pushing the floor
  4. Inhale and raise your head and chest all the way off the ground
  5. Allow your legs and butt to be firm to protect the lower back
  6. The pelvis region of your body should be on the floor
  7. Hold as long as you can and gently exhale while bringing your chest and head back to the ground.

Precautions for Cobra pose (Bhujangasana)

  1. Do not perform this pose if you have back injury or abdominal surgery.
  2. Pregnant women should avoid this pose.
  3. Skip this pose if you are suffering from hernia problem.

Benefits of The Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

  1. This is one of the best pose in yoga as it helps keep the entire body in great shape.
  2. It is excellent pose for reducing belly fat.
  3. It reduces the stress and pain on the shoulder.
  4. It reduces pain of the lower, upper spine and abdominal area.
  5. It aids in relieving menstrual pain as it massages the abdominal area.
  6. It promotes blood circulation to the abdominal region.
  7. It tones and strengthens the thighs and butt.

Steps for The Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

  • Lie on the floor with your belly facing the floor and your chin resting on the floor.
  • Lift your legs while bending your knees, bend your legs towards your butt.
  • Extend both your hands towards your ankles and hold them.
  • Inhale and gently lift your legs, thighs and chest off the floor.
  • Lean your head back as far as you can.
  • Your body weight should be resting on your abdomen.
  • Hold your breath as long as you can.
  • Slowly exhale while bringing the knees to the floor, let go off your ankles, and bring your leg, arms and chest to the floor.
  • Continue this pose for 3-4 times.

Precautions for The Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

  1. Avoid this pose during pregnancy.
  2. Do not perform this pose if you have hernia or stomach ulcers.
  3. Skip this pose for abdomen, neck or back injury.
  4. If you are suffering from high blood pressure then avoid this pose.
  5. Don’t practice it if you have heart disease or asthma.

Benefits of Lateral Bending Wheel Pose (Standing Chakrasana)

  1. Reduces fat around the waist.
  2. Stretches the spine and provides strength to it.
  3. It is an excellent pose for overall fitness of the body.

Steps for Lateral Bending Wheel Pose (Standing Chakrasana)

Lateral Bending Pose
  • Stand with your feet apart and your hands to the side.
  • Raise your right arm perperndicular to your body with the palms facing the ceiling.
  • Bring your arm straight at 90 degree over your head.
  • Inhale and lean your hand and body to the opposite side as much as you can.
  • Avoid bending your knees.
  • Return to the straight pose while exhaling.
  • Repeat steps 2-7 with the left hand and bending your body on the opposite side.
  • Repeat this pose 4-5 times.

Precautions for Lateral Bending Wheel Pose (Standing Chakrasana)

  1. Avoid this pose if you have hip, knee, back or neck injury.
  2. Do not perform this pose if you pregnant.

Benefits of Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana)

  1. It is great for burning calorie and reducing weight
  2. It is an excellent pose for those of you who suffer from back pain and wrong body posture
  3. It strengthens the entire body that’s why the name warrior pose.
  4. Helps increase stamina.
  5. It improves the blood circulation to the heart.
  6.  It aids in digestion as it gently massages the intestines and inner organs.

Steps for Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana)

  • Stand with feet apart like creating a mounting between them (maintain a distance of 4-5 feet).
  • Turn your body towards the right.
  • While facing the right side turn your right foot 90 degree towards the right, please avoid turning your left foot (make sure it stays in the same position).
  • Bring both your arms  in front of your chest joining them together as in Namaste position.
  • Lift your arms all the way above your head while keeping them joined.
  • Bend your right knee until the right thigh is parallel to the floor.
  • Don’t allow the right knees to overlap the toe while bending it.
  • Allow the left foot to stretch completely without moving it.
  • Make sure both your feet are on ground (don’t raise them)
  • Elevate your ribs and raise your head.
  • Hold the pose as long as you are comfortable (or 8 seconds) and release your body.
  • Make sure you continue breathing.
  • Repeat the same steps on the left foot.
  • Repeat the pose for up to 4-5 times on each side.

Precaution for Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana)

  1. Heart patients and patients with high blood pressure to avoid this pose as the heart beat increases while performing it.
  2. If you have back or knee injury you should avoid this pose as well.
  3. Asthma patients or patients with breathing problems to avoid this pose.

 Benefits of  Forward Bending Pose (Padahastasana)

  • This may seem like an easy pose but this pose works great to reduce abdominal fat.
  • Increases the efficiency of our brain as it regulates blood supply to the brain.
  • Strengthens and tones the legs and knees.
  • Strengthens and provides flexibility to the spine.
  • Helps relieve symptoms of sciatic pain.
  • Promotes blood circulation throughout the body

Steps for Forward Bending Pose (Padahastasana)

  • Stand straight with your feet 3-4 feet apart.
  • Raise your arms all the way straight over your head.
  • Bend slightly towards the back.
  • Exhale and bend forward with your hip bending first followed by your neck and head.
  • Push your hips slightly backward while bending.
  • Touch your toes with your hands.
  • Its fine to bend your knee if you are a beginner
  • Inhale and return to the standing pose.
  • Continue this pose for 4-5 times.

Precautions for Forward Bending Pose (Padahastasana)

  • Skip this pose if you have hernia or stomach ulcers.
  • Do not perform this pose if you have back or abdomen injury/surgery.
  • If are suffering from heart disease or high blood pressure please avoid this pose.
  • Pregnant women should not perform this pose.

Foods to avoid for belly fat

There are two types cholesterol HDL and LDL. The LDL is the bad cholesterol as it builds up fat in the body and block arteries which raises the risk of heart attack, stroke and of course lead to fat belly as well. Foods that raises LDL include deep fried chips, fast foods, most margarines, processed foods made with oil. Foods that are made with or include animal fat like egg yolks, whole milk, butter, cheese, cream raises both LDL and HDL. This does not mean that you should not eat these foods at all, after all we are humans and what would be a life with eating strictly healthy foods right? Eat them in limitation not everyday, keep the rule of 90/10 which means 90 percent times eat healthy and 10 percent times eat what you like.

Reduce carbs from your diet, limit your carbs at dinner time and eat good carbs during breakfast and lunch as you need fuel during the day.  Include foods to your diet that are rich in fibre. Lentils, oatmeals, fruits and green vegetables are best sources of fibre. Foods that lowers your LDL and raises your HDL, are great; these include olives, avocado, olive, cotton oil and canola oil; nuts like almonds, cashews, almonds.

Drinks to avoid for belly fat

Avoid sugar and drinking all processed juice, they could promise you with the least sugar and lots of fibre or vitamin c but the fact is there is no good stuff except they are loaded with sugar. Kick off the caffeine from your everyday habit, though it may help to energize you at that moment but it interferes with sleep, causes dehydration and fatigue. Try something else like decaf and iced or the best is natural like green tea as based on the study published in the journal of the American Physiological Society, it increases your exercise tolerance to 24 percent and helps body to process fat faster in our body.

Drink a glass of warm water on empty stomach everyday, and make it a habit to drink water before every meal that way you don’t overeat plus you stay hydrated.

I would love to hear from you about what worked for you and what did not or even if there is something you like about my site or something that you would want me to talk about. Please leave your reviews below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Best Regards

Raman (Founder)


    1. Hello Carol,

      Of course you can, yoga does not limit your capacity to one thing. If you love gym and want to try yoga as well then it is awesome, you are taking even better care of your body.But I would like to add one thing here, just make sure that you leave some time gap between yoga and gym so that your body can cool down. At least I would say 2 hours if you are doing the weight loss poses or even better if you do one in the morning another in the evening. It is better to perform yoga after gym as during gym we stretch and strain our muscles while yoga helps muscle to relax and yet make your muscles more firm and toned.

      Let me know if there is anything that I can help you with and I will be happy to do so.


  1. Hello Raman,
    I have always wanted to start practicing yoga.
    I know that it is a good way to strengthen your body and to lose weight.
    If I can get a six pack that’s even better. 🙂
    What are the most common mistakes that a beginner does?

    1. Hello Asen,

      If you always wanted to practice yoga, i think you should go for it without judging yourself and just freely allow yourself to enjoy it. Of course with yoga you can get a six pack without any equipments that you need for gym and plus you save on your gym membership. I would recommend the book “Real Men Do Yoga” by John Capouya, he has a great body with awesome abs.

      This is a great question, I have been there as well and I remember as a beginner I used to force my body to bend to all kinds of poses but I realized later that it is far different than gym, no pain no gain is not what works here, even easiest poses will give you same benefits. I realized that it is important that you don’t stress your muscles, infact they should be relaxed and when you feel that your breath is racing you should stop and continue the pose some other time or day, one day it will come to you or continue with simple poses.

      Another mistake that beginners make is that they do not practice regularly and they want to see quick results and then they just decide to give up. Everything takes time and patience is what is learned through yoga.

      Thank you for visiting my site

  2. Very informative post Raman.
    I use Yoga for stress relief over the years, but have also lost 20 pounds since I started Yoga.
    I also used visualization to help with my weight loss. It really helps focus on the weight goal that I had to achieve.
    All the best.

    1. Thank you Vince, you lost 20 pounds, that is really incredible and hats off to your effort and believe. Ever since I started yoga, my weight has been balanced and the same since so many years now. I wish yoga keeps you motivated. Thank your for visiting my site.

      Best Regards

  3. Even though you appear to be aimed exclusively at women, I would guess that these exercises could benefit me as well. I will certainly try to include at least one of them into my training routine. I was always under the impression that to practice yoga effectively, you needed personal instruction, but this looks as if I can learn at home on my own.

  4. Hello John,

    Thank you for your comment. I also thought the same thing 15 years ago but guess what I decided to give it a try and started yoga from home 15 years ago and today yoga is my inspiration and I love writing about yoga. Few things to keep in mind while starting yoga are have some ventilation in your room, try to perform them on an empty stomach or after 2-3 hours after your meals.

    I was aiming to cure ailments for women but for sure it provides the same benefits for men and I am pleased that you still took the effort to visit my site.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Thank you for visiting my website.


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