Yoloha Yoga Mat

Product Review- Yoloha Yoga Mats, The Original Cork Mat

My Rating: 4.8/5

Price: $119

Specs: 72″ x 24”, 80″ x 24” | 5mm thick

Where to buy: Official Yoloha website 

Have you heard of a mat made of cork? At least I had not heard about one until I came across Yoloha Yoga Mat. Honestly, at first I was somewhat doubtful about this mat as to me a mat made of cork is very different concept and like most of us I was a bit hesitant to accept something different. But it got me curious and I wanted to learn more about it, I am glad I listened to my inner conscious and decided to discover this mat! This mat exceeds my expectations in so many ways. For a person like me who enjoys yoga and love everything natural, this mat truly satisfied my inner yogi need as this mat makes you feel grounded to the earth. So I decided to provide my review to all of you on it. First of all providing the correct product review is a serious responsibility that rest upon me so my concern was, why is this mat so expensive? I decided to dig into it a little deeper.

Do you know what is another cool feature of this mat? that it does not even require you to buy a bag to carry it as it comes with a jute rope strap. My first thought about this mat was right, no doubt it is unique but in a special way. After discovering the valuable benefits of this mat, I was so excited to present you with all of its features.

So here is what we love about Yoloha Yoga mats.

Made naturally of Cork, free of chemicals and plastic

This is the first mat of its kind in the market that is made of cork. Not many products out there are so true to the nature, I really respect the fact that Yoloha yoga mat does not contain any PVC or harmful chemicals and that no trees are harmed or cut down as the mat is made from the outer bark of trees. The bottom of the mat is made of recycled rubber as rubber is the most durable product.

Great traction for dry to heavy perspiration

Why would you need to carry a towel if you are owner of a mat that has zero slipping issues? This is the ideal mat for people doing hot, Vinyasa or Bikram yoga. Whether you stay dry or sweat profusely during your practice, this mat will provide you a grip like a glue. You can take it to the water or rain and perform your daily yoga on it without worrying about slipping or safety issues. If you prefer more traction than what the mat provides then simply pour some water on the areas you lay your hands and feet. The bottom of the mat that is made of natural rubber provides excellent grip on any kind of surface, even on wooden floor.

No rubber smell

The fact that the mat is made of cork makes it free from any odours. You do not have to smell rubber anymore during your yoga poses like a child pose, cobra or thread the needle pose.

Stylish Hand-made Yoloha Mat

If you love handmade products that are locally produced in the USA then you have another good reason to add this to your daily lifestyle. Is it not amazing that the mats are laid flat under the possession of the company until you order it? the day you order it, your mat is personally  hand-picked and packed with card-boxes to eliminate the use of plastics. If you want to show off your personal taste, leave it rolled out flat as a beautiful piece of furniture in your room or bring it along to your yoga classes to grab others attention.

Low maintenance with self- cleaning property

If you are doing yoga for a healthy body, you do not want toxic materials to stick around your skin. Unlike most yoga mats that contain toxic and sythethic materials with coatings that are not good for your skin, this mat which is natural and free of toxic materials is an excellent alternative. it has a self-cleaning surface which prevents the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms that means the cork is naturally going to kill any kind of bacteria, germs or smell.

Lifetime guarantee

The product claims that the natural rubber tires gives it amazing durability which makes it last forever. If you are not happy with the mat, you can return it within 60 days and no questions will be asked. Whether you have been using Yoloha mat for a year or 20 years, the company guarantees that they will stand behind its product to provide you the best customer service in case of any issues that you might encounter with the mat.

Recycled and Sustainable

Yoloha products are created using recycled rubber and scrap material, this causes minimal waste and minimum impact on the environment. No scrap is left behind with the manufacturing of cork, even the dust that is left behind is used as a fuel. If there is any scrap cork left, it is gathered and turned into another product. Even the scrap collected during the manufacture of the mat from the recycled rubber is reused in the next manufacturing cycle.

What we did not like about Yoloha Yoga Mats

Heavy mat– It weighs 6 pounds so if you are travelling around with your mat then this might not be right mat for you but what else do you expect with a material like cork? plus it does not allow you to roll it up really thin so it takes up a little more space as compared to other mats.

Does not provide as much cushion like that of a typical rubber and sythetic material mat. Though it is 5mm thick and firm but it does not feel very cushy.

Wrapping it up

This is the perfect pick for all levels of yogi from beginner to advanced but specially for those who perform hot, Bikram and Vinyasa yoga or enjoy doing yoga in the water so that even if your mat gets drenched you won’t have to worry about slipping. So my question on its high price is all cleared when I found out how superior this mat is as compared to any other mat in the market, it is truly eco-friendly plant- based which many mats out there claim to be but are not. Its production does not cause any harm to the planet and plants. Besides the fact it comes with a lifetime guarantee itself explains its durability which is worth the investment. Lastly, if you are looking for a chemical and plastic free yoga mat, with firm traction and no rubber smell then a handmade Yoloha Yoga mat is 100% recommended, but it now here.


Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you enjoyed my review and it helped you make the right choice for your mat. Please leave your comments behind, I would love to hear what mat worked out for you or if you owned Yoloha Yoga mat, then what was your experience with it? If there is any product that you want me to review, I will be pleased to do so for you, as I enjoy doing product reviews and feel happy to guide you make the right choice.

Thank you

Ramandeep Kaur (Founder)


  1. Thank you for this very thorough review. I didn’t even know a cork mat existed. I assume the weight would have some people a little hesitant to purchase but if you are doing yoga in your own home then that shouldn’t matter. I like that they give a no questions asked guarantee. I make a lot of my purchase decisions by the feel of a product to being able to try it risk free is a perk.

    1. Hello Misti,
      Just like you I did not know either until I came across this whole natural mat, the concept is so unique, no feel of plastic or chemical to your skin, how awesome is that? Yes it is a bit heavy but like its said we can’t have everything in one plate 🙂 so yes the weight is one thing, if you are looking to practice at home or travel to your yoga studio in a car then this one is for you.

      I know what you mean. I don’t feel comfortable either when you return a product and you have to answer why are you returning it? sometimes we have reasons that we feel are weird and not worth talking about. Thank you for dropping by.

      Best Regard

  2. If I ever do Yoga and I need a Yoga mat, then I would buy this product for sure. I love eco-friendly things. People are done enough damage to this world, and we need to change our lifestyle. This is a wonderful product. Thanks for this great review! I am looking forward to reading more reviews on your website.
    Thanks again!

    1. Hello Linda,

      Thank you for your positivity on eco-friendly products, I am sure I love them too as they are not only good for us but for the environment as well. You are most welcome and I will keep you updated with more wonderful and interesting posts. Keep coming back.

      Best Regards

  3. Very nice product. I am a heavy sweater because I am an athlete. So sweating on this yoga mat would prevent slipping and sliding. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Rob,

      I am a heavy sweater too and that is one reason why I like slip resistant mat. I have tried so many cheap mats but none of them could prevent me from slipping, then I decided not to risk my health to injuries anymore and started out with my research for the best mats like this one :). Thank you for dropping 🙂

      Best Regards

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