10 Mandatory Safety Guidelines For Yoga


How Yoga Injuries Occur?


Yoga Injury

Yes, you read it right, they happen more often now with the growing trend for yoga. Every task or exercise that we perform in our life, comes with a risk. Yoga has been practiced since five thousand of years and if injuries is what often came with it, then guess what? It wouldn’t be as popular as it is today. In fact yoga is way safer than all those exercises performed at the gym. The problem lies when we go over the limit by going crazy with the trend. According to doctors and physical therapists , as yoga becomes trendier, the number of patients visiting with chronic pain and injuries have increased, that is why following the safety guidelines for yoga is very important. The two main reasons for this are :

  • Most yoga instructors do not know what they are doing. If they tell you “the go for it” approach despite the pain, then be alert. A good yoga instructor will introduce you to a step by step sequence and gently increase the challenge after you have mastered the previous easier poses.
  • Beginners most often are trying to exceed their capabilities. It is best to proceed with a pose according to your body capability, then gently extend your capabilities.

In cases of injuries, here is what you should do

  • If you have torn your ligament or muscle, then apply ice right away to prevent swelling.
  • If you have hurt your leg or wrist then wear a support stocking. Continue to use it during the practice until you have healed.
  • Do not perform such poses that intensify your injury. As mentioned earlier a good yoga instructor should be able to go through the step by step approach with you which will speed up your recovery.

I personally have had hereditary back problems so I wanted to share few safety guidelines before you start yoga or even during your practice. With pain and injury, we understand our body has limitations and how to work with them is the key. To prevent an injury in the first place, follow the safety guidelines listed below:

Safety Guidelines for Yoga

Safety Guidelines for Yoga

  1. Do not perform poses on the floor as you might slip. It is always advisable to practice on non-slip yoga mat, that way your chances of slipping during practice are minimum.
  2. Avoid wearing tight clothing during practice as this may limit the circulation of blood flow.
  3. No pain no gain is never the motive to yoga approach. Do not try to force yourself into a pose, listen to your body and your capacity. If you are not able to perform a pose or having a hard time to do it, practice it some other time when your body is relaxed or if you feel it exceeds your body capacity then avoid it altogether.
  4. Pain that comes during practice of yoga may be temporary, however if that pain is extreme or continuous then you should stop that exercise. You might be performing the pose incorrectly.
  5. Keep breathing even during most difficult poses. We are in the habit of holding our breath whenever we do a difficult task and we don’t even realize it while doing so.
  6. If you are exhausted then you may need to give your body sometime to relax as you might have been doing it for prolonged period of time.
  7. Avoid the inverted poses if you are suffering from high blood pressure.
  8. If you are undergoing any medical condition, it is safe to seek doctor or yoga instructor advice before introducing your body to dynamic yoga poses.
  9. Do not attempt to compete with the girl next to you and your friend as everyone’s body is different, some people are more flexible than others and it also depends on how long that you have been practicing yoga.
  10. If you are practicing poses at home then always watch the video first before attempting a new pose

I hope you found this information helpful, please leave your reviews below and I will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you

Ramandeep Kaur (Founder)



  1. Great information
    I have made my wife read this. She likes doing yoga. When she has lessons it’s fine, but when she does it at home I think she pushes it a little too much. Only time will tell if she takes note of what you have said ?

    1. Hello Paul

      I am pleased to know that you read this to your wife. She is at least aware now, I believe she will turn out to be just fine. Thank you for visiting my website and sharing your experience.

      Best regards

  2. Hi Ramandeep Kaur,
    This is the first article that i’ve come across in regards to yoga injuries. For the most part i have seen yoga as a way to heal both the mind and body, however, now that you mention it i can see how issues could arise. It truly astonishes me that a “most” yoga instructors do not know what they are doing…. I can see how yoga can be not necessarily dangerous but also have its risks. I imagine that these instructors are taught not to push students too hard because some of these poses are really to stretch and pull on all areas of the body. I think that this article is must read for a both beginners and more advanced students. I really liked your safety guidelines. Some are more obvious like using a non-slip mat but others such as breathing during poses is one that i feel people need to pay more attention to. Its all fun and games and then your hear a loud bang and someone behind you has just hit the ground.

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