The Best 2017 Tips On What To Wear For Yoga Class


So you have researched all about yoga, you know what it is and all the wonderful health benefits that you can reap from it. You have happily signed up for a yoga class, but before you get started, one of the most obvious question that beginners face is what to wear for yoga class? Obviously wearing the right clothes can help you focus better on your practice, avoid any frustration from any parts of the clothes sticking out on your way and help your instructor easily notice and correct your moves without you being hidden in a loose fitted fabric.

1. Type of fabric and colours

Cotton fabrics are a big no-no when it comes to selecting your tops, bottoms or inner-wear for yoga because cotton absorb all the moisture which infact is good but they will soak you in sweat. If you do not like polyester, they are so many other fabrics available like rayon, spandex, siro modal, lycra. Breathability of the fabric is the first thing to take into account while picking your fabric. If the fabric is not breathable then there is no space for the moisture to escape to the surface, this moisture built causes our body to further heat up and you will feel hotter and irritated. Always opt for darker colours because lighter colours will always be transparent no matter how thick they are. Lighter colours may not seem transparent when you wear them daily for regular chores but while you are doing yoga, they is going to be lot of deep twisting, turning, back and forward bending which will likely expose your hidden treasures. If you are not sure about how thick or see through they are, try them out in the fitting room while performing some of your yoga poses.

2. Tank tops with built in bra

Tank tops will allow for a good range of motion and prevent any discomfort that comes especially from sweaty armpits. Ideally I prefer shelf bra tank tops and they should be long. Shelf bra tank tops are very comfortable because they eliminate the need to wear a regular bra which is not as comfortable for a relaxed yoga session plus they provide a slim fit look to the body. Your best bet is find one that comes with removable bra, so that you can either use the tank top built in bra or wear your own bra. If the built in bra support is not enough for you then then you can always wear a bra underneath. If you are taking up slow yoga classes which involves a lot of sitting or never know the temperature of the studio may be chilled then you may opt for full sleeve shirts as well but always add a tank top layer underneath so that the top layer can be removed when it gets heated up.

Avoid too loose or tight fitted tops because you do not want your top to bunch up on your tummy (unless you are not as modest) while you do a headstand neither would you want it to cover your face or block your vision. On the other hand a tight fitted top may restrict air flow and movement. Ideally you would need a snug fitted top that is stretchable enough to move with the body so that it does not restrict your movement. Avoid low cut or v neck as they may reveal too much, you may want to keep your breasts covered while you go for the inverted poses. One most important factor to consider while selecting your top is make sure the fabric is breathable and moisture wicking. Surprisingly cotton tops are a big no no, because if you sweat too much or if you are doing hot, Bikram or fast paced vinyasa yoga cotton will absorb all the moisture and will not dry as fast which will show sweat spots all over the top.

3. Snug fitted leggings with high waist

Wearing the right bottoms can save you from so much frustration as you do not want to be spending all that time on trying to adjust your waistband again and again. Yoga bottoms should not have any zippers, buttons or hooks as they will dig into your skin and cause chafing while you bend and twist. Leggings are the best option for yoga because they are elastic, snug fitted and lightweight. One factor to consider is the material of the fabric, does it stay in place or keep rolling off your hips? There is nothing worse than doing the downward dog with your bottoms rolling down.

Longer or three quarter tights work better than short ones for a sweaty practice like bikram or hot yoga because your sweaty feet and palms will cause you to slide all over the place. If your knees are covered they will give you a better traction, additionally longer pants also provide you enough coverage while you bend, lift your legs in the air or do the cow pose. If you decide to wear shorts , make sure they are not too short or loose as they will ride up during the bending or inverted poses hence you would need to pull them back every couples of minutes. Additionally avoid any drawstrings to your bottoms to minimize your chances of stepping on them and flipping over.

4. Bra and underwear

Invest in a good quality sports bra that is not v-neck especially if you are big busted. As I mentioned earlier avoid wearing light colours because no matter how thick they are, they will expose your private assets. The material of your bra should be moisture wicking and not absorb moisture like a cotton bra which will bathe you in sweat by the end of your class. The same logic applies for the underwear, avoid any light colours and stick with moisture wicking fabric. What could be worse than showing sweat spots in those areas, save yourself the embarrassment or just go without underwear whenever possible.

5. Jewellery and yoga accessories

It is best to remove all your jewellery and keep it aside in your bag or simply remove it prior to attending the class. If you wear expensive jewellery to class chances are you might misplace it; when I was new to yoga I wore my necklace to the class and luckily a fellow student pointed out that my necklace was clinging onto the end of my shirt. But not every one can be that lucky. Jewellery can also be a distraction and get into your way while going upside down, bending or lying down while resting your face on the mat.

You do not need any accessories except a good yoga mat that has a firm grip and a towel to wipe off your sweat. If you are a beginner, props will definitely help but there is no need to carry extra weight if your yoga studio offers props and most studios do so.


It is fine to not wear perfect yoga clothing as a beginner after all we all learn from our experiences and moreover yoga is about leaving your ego behind and embracing new changes. In this post I provided a detailed information about what to wear for yoga class, however everything comes to us from trial and error method so if you have different clothing preferences then with ongoing classes you will soon find out what clothing suits your needs and comfort level. But before you go for shopping, I would like to remind you of the main features that you would need in your yoga clothing, they are breathability, stretchability, snug fit, lightweight and moisture wicking.

I would love to hear from you, leave your comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



  1. Thank you for the enlightenment. I’ve always been interested in yoga. But never really has the motivation to do it. I will be checkingout your other article. I had no idea there are specific type of fabric for yoga. I learned a lot from reading your article. Loved the video. Thanks again.

    1. I am glad I could help you Hong, do check out those articles and you can always reach out to me if there is anything you need help with and will be happy to do so :).
      Best Regards

  2. I’m lucky as I just throw on some shorts and T-shirt before yoga. My wife has a hard time with most of the same concerns as you mentioned in the post as she is quite busty.
    Very beneficial and many will find this article useful.

    1. Thank you vince, dressing part is easier for guys as you have less to cover up lol. But I hope this helps your wife. Thank you for dropping by.
      Best Regards

  3. Hello! This is such a great article. I am so grateful for all the specific information you have specified. I did not know that about cotton. I thought it was one of the most breathable materials. So now I have learned something new. And I appreciate that you suggest newbies not run out to buy anything until they are more comfortable with their own practice. Will you be dealing with newbies and how to decide which way to start on their yoga journey?
    Great job . Wishing you great success. ariel

    1. Hello Ariel
      Thank you for all those wonderful comments, I really appreciate your time. I have been there where I wasted tonnes of money not knowing what to buy and it is one common thing for most of us, we panick about something new and invest not knowing if we will need it in the future. My site has always been about helping beginners and you can look back at most of my posts where I am trying to guide beginners and I will continue doing so, as I have been there and I want to make it simple for them through the knowledge I have acquired over the years. Thank you and I wish you happy health and lots of success too :).
      Best Regards

  4. This shows your authority in this yoga exercise. I have learnt so much from your article. I lost two pairs of earrings going to aerobics and learnt a bitter lesson because I loved those pair and they were unique. I started yoga but stopped sometime back. I have been thinking of getting into it again and you have just given me the motivation.
    Thanks Ramah

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment, I am glad that it helped you in some way. You should definitely consider starting yoga again and if you need help with anything you know where to reach 🙂
      Best Regards

  5. I agree so much about wearing high-waisted leggings for yoga. A lot of my pants are hip length and this has resulted in me hitching up my britches, so to speak, way too often during a yoga class. thanks for the great tips!

    1. wow good rhyming lol even for regular wear I love high waisted leggings, first they are in trend, second they are comfortable and third they keep my tummy covered:) Thank you for dropping by.
      Best Regards

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