Find Out What Is The Best Yoga Mat For Beginners? Get Competitive Quality and Price


​When you start out as a beginner with yoga, it absolutely makes no sense to spend on expensive yoga products as your final decision to make yoga part of your regular routine depends on how much you like it.  On the other side it is also not worth to compromise the quality of your practice, when its just a matter of yoga mat, as this is the most basic and important product which plays a key role in adding prosperity to our practice. So while you are trying to embrace yoga, why not try out a good quality mat at an affordable price?

What Is The Best Yoga Mat For Beginners?

Why do you need a yoga mat?

Reduce the risk of injury

For any kind of exercise and even yoga for that matter there is a chance of injury but that cannot stop us from taking chances specially when it  comes to our health.  However, you can always minimize the chances of injury with the right tools. Without a mat, there is a high chance that you might slip while practicing poses specially like the downward dog or the cat pose that require you to stay on your hands and feet. Hence you will slide more easily and could end up seriously fracturing your bones or joints.

Practice with confidence

A mat gives you the feeling of being a true yogi. You are more motivated to stay true to your practice because there is something beautiful that you own, that reminds you of your practice whenever you look at it. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I step on my yoga mat, it gives me the feeling of a pro.

Embrace the personal space

Every time you roll onto your yoga mat, you will feel like that it is your private space and time. The secured feeling, enhances the mood which reflects on your practice as well. As you start using it regularly, you will feel connected to the mat and this will lead to greater connection with yoga.

Minimize the chances of distraction

Yoga is all about focusing, and while you are investing time and hard-work on your health, you do not want to waste that effort. When the poses require more strength instead of flexibility then the practice might be interrupted by frustration. Have you ever tried practicing on the grass, blanket, or floor? Did you notice your hands and feet sliding? If you have not used a mat as a beginner, you might feel it is so hard to attain flexibility but the problem is with sliding. Because you slide so easily, it requires more strength to remain in the pose.

Now back to the question, what is the best yoga mat for beginners? So based on the affordable price and features that this mat offers, I believe Prosource yoga mat is the best to start off your practice. Why it is the best mat for a beginner, we will get to that now.

What is good about Prosource yoga mat?

What Is The Best Yoga Mat For Beginners?
Prosource Satya Yoga Mat

Prosource Yoga Mat is a beautiful mat that comes in so many different patterns and colours. Each pattern is unique and soothing to the mind which increases focus and also enhances the moods. The 5mm thickness is perfect to provide sufficient cushion between the ground and the body and also to protect the joints and knees. But don’t worry good thickness does not mean it is heavy, in fact it weighs only 2.6 pounds and can easily be travelled with.

What I liked the most about this mat is, it is easy to clean, the manufacturer recommends light soap or water, clean it with a sponge and air-dry. Even if you can’t manage to clean this mat more often then you will be relaxed to know that it does not require too much maintenance as well, as the moisture resistant coating prevents any bacteria or odour to stick to it.

The 72 inch length with the 24 inch width is pretty good and will easily accommodate anyone who is a little above average height. You would love to fit on this mat, after all it is eco-friendly and if you are someone like me who admires the feeling of being connected to the earth with all the natural products then this mat will definitely provide you that feeling.

What we don’t like about this mat

Though the products claims it is moisture resistant and to most extent it is, but it is good enough for beginner level yogis only. It is not recommended for hot yoga, as when you start sweating a lot, it does not provide that excellent grip.

There is some smell in the beginning but it fades away after air-drying it.

What others are saying about Prosource yoga mat

on July 22, 2015
on July 6, 2016
    Nice colour and design as pictured. I am really enjoying the quality of this mat.
on September 2, 2015
    I use this mat daily and it’s ideal for me. The design is absolutely beautiful. Couldn’t ask for a better            mat
on March 8, 2016
    Amazing design and colour. Everybody loves it at my yoga class

Wrapping it up

We often tend to link the price of the product with its performance. Hence because of its affordable price at $21.49, don’t underestimate the value of this mat. It provides all the features of a good yoga mat while providing non-toxic and eco-friendly material. I would definitely recommend this mat to all beginners.

Now back to you, what do you think about this mat? Have you used some other mat as a beginner, that provides the same or better features at a competitive price?

Best Regards

Ramandeep Kaur

Prosource Yoga Mat

Prosource Yoga Mat







Moisture Resistant





  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Lightweight and travel friendly.
  • Environmentally friendly material, free of toxic chemicals and materials.
  • Sweat and odour resistant
  • Available in many beautiful patterns and colours.


  • It is not recommended for hot or Bikram yoga as it does not provide a strong grip for heavy sweating.
  • Smells in the first few uses.


  1. Hi Raman,

    Great post. I love my yoga and where I go they actually provide mats but they are not always ideal. They are a little thin. I use 2 to make the mat a little thicker. My partner has a yoga mat and is similar to the one you talk about here.

    I think there is good research to suggest getting your own mat and the one here sounds great certainly for a beginner yoga person.

    Thanks for a great post,


    1. Hello Miguel,
      I understand what you mean, as I beginner I have been there as well. When you first start yoga, it is a bit difficult to stay regular on it and to get your body used to the new routine and that applies to any new changes in our life. But as you give yourself at least one month time to set your body into it, you will notice a huge difference, we should not forget everything comes with patience :). Give it a try again and let me know how it goes by. Thank you for dropping by.
      Best Regards

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