What is yoga about?



What is yoga about?

When I talk what is yoga about? I am not going to go back to 10,000 years ago and repeat all the boring stuff of ancient history instead by this question I mean how is yoga going to help us today? Yoga is about breathing and observation. You breathe deeply and observe your breath, that is how simple it is! With every inhalation you invite new changes and opportunities, while with every exhalation you let off stress and the past. This simple inhalation and exhalation will cure so many diseases that you will be surprised. Now you must be wondering how does inhalation and exhalation have to do anything with curing diseases? Then the answer is, that our body organs are made of cells, cells function with oxygen as the main component. Normal breathing gives us 400-500 ml of oxygen but yoga asanas increases our oxygen intake by 4000- 8000 ml. It recharges our body and gives us strength and energy. Every cell in our body is repaired and balanced which leaves no scope for diseases.

When we breathe deeply we should feel ease at your body and mind while practicing yoga. Only few most basic yoga poses will do the trick and give your health all the benefits, as the simple stuff in yoga is the good stuff. I can assure you 100% that within couple of weeks you will notice the difference in your body and mind after practicing yoga for only half an hour a day.

For the first couple of days like most of you, I felt like giving up but I listened to my inner conscious, I decided to trust myself and if you do the same then just watch for the miracle to happen. Remember, everything takes time, our life is itself work in process so give yoga sometime to show its benefits, have patience and continue to practice. I love practicing yoga and that is one reason everyday I jump out of my bed at 6am, but that does not mean that you need to wake up early to practice yoga, you can do it anytime of the day. I am sure most of us like to stay back at bed even when the alarm beeps twice but that has changed in me, now yoga gets me excited to leave my bed, if I miss my yoga one day, I don’t feel as happy and energized as I would otherwise be.

Yoga means relaxation, don’t stress your muscles

You should feel ease at your body and mind while practicing yoga. Don’t force your body into a pose instead when you don’t feel comfortable doing a pose or feel shortness of breath, back off from it and wait for your breath to return to long and deep rhythm. Try the pose some other time or day when you feel you can easily do the pose without gripping on your muscles. As a beginner, this was my first mistake that I always made.

Though yoga and exercise will both give you equivalent results when it comes to staying fit but as a beginner I confused yoga with exercise. With exercise its fine to exhaust your muscles as that way you know that the exercise is working but yoga is about relaxing your muscles. Your muscles are relaxed and you feel your body at ease and comfort yet yoga is for sure doing its work not only on the body but also on the mind. However, if you force a yourself into a pose you might be able to attain the pose but your body muscles will tighten itself and develop ball of stress with high blood pressure and mind will run into tension, hence you will not enjoy and will not be able to focus on it.

Feel happy, focused, energized and well rested everyday

The most important thing is to take care of yourself and let yoga do its work. Taking care of yourself means not judging yourself and not being hard on yourself which we all do everyday. We are afraid to try new things as we are constantly judging ourselves.

When you are hard on yourself, the same reflects to the outer world, the result we judge everyone around us. When we are eased at our body and mind, we are ready then ready to release the stress and let go off the past, this way we create more space in our body and mind. The result is we feel positive, energized, motivated and happy throughout the day. This way, we are able to connect happily with ourselves, thereafter, connecting with the outer world will reflect the same happiness that we feel within us. Always remember your reason behind practicing yoga, it could be to heal from any diseases or pain or to get rid of stress and anxiety, this will keep you focused and give you the most positive results.

Body Mind Spirit

Leave your feedback, let me be the lucky person to help you

If you are a beginner and is having hard time to stay focused and thinking of giving up like I used to be when I first started, please drop me a comment below as I love to hear  your feedback, I will be more than happy to write back to you. Also, if you are a pro and have struggled at some point to stay focused and patience on yoga, I would still love to hear from you, as to what worked out for you or how you helped yourself move forward with yoga.


  1. Hi Raman: I am truly amazed at all the great information here on your web site! I was trying to find out more about yoga, knowing very little about it, because my daughters and sister all began yoga classes. Your site offers a wealth of knowledge and I was able to have all my questions answered on one web site! I am amazed to learn that doing yoga releases harmful toxins and is a preventative to so many different ailments and diseases, while enhancing the beauty of your body. Thank you for this opportunity to learn more!

    1. Hello Erin
      It is such an honor when my post has been referred to as wealth of knowledge by you. Thank you so much. I am so glad it helped you and answered all your questions. If there is anything else I could ever help you with, I will definitely be pleased to do so. Thank you for dropping by.

      Best regard

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