What Is Yoga Mudra? Secret To Good Health Is At Your Fingertips!


What is Yoga Mudra?

What is yoga mudra?

The universe is made up of five elements and hence everything in this universe including the human body is made up of these five elements. All our five fingers represents five elements of the universe. It is the imbalance of the five elements in our body that causes so many diseases. So what is yoga mudra?The sanskrit meaning of mudra is “seal” or “gesture”. When we use our hand gestures, we form a circuit to direct and balance the flow of energy to different parts of the body and brain which is very beneficial for the overall good health of our body and for precaution from any ailments.

Thumb represents fire, index finger represents air, middle finger is for sky or space, ring finger is for earth and the last smallest finger represents water in our body. You can get rid of all ailments by balancing the five elements in our body. We use the thumb finger in combination with other fingers while practicing mudras; because thumb finger represents fire which has transformative properties, hence it is used in combination with other elements to balance all the elements in the body. Each of the mudras mentioned below, should be practiced for 15-20 minutes each for preventive measures against diseases or to stay fit and healthy. However it is not necessary that you perform all of the mudras, choose the mudra according to your body requirements or deficiencies.

Preparing for the Mudras:For all of the mudras, sit in any of the three positions; the padmasana, sukhasana or vajrasana position. The hands should be placed on the knee, with the palms facing the ceiling.

1. Gyan Mudra:

What is yoga mudra?

This mudra enhances intelligence and concentration, that is why this is the mudra used for meditation.An increase in the air element in the body causes so many problems like aches and pains, gastric problem, arthritis, tension and imbalance of the mental health. Because the index finger represents air, this mudra helps balance the air element and decline the excess gas formation in the body, hence the body feels light and full of energy.​​ It is very beneficial for mental health as it helps dissolve stress, tension and eliminate depression which means it calms ones mind. This mudra is very beneficial for overall strength of the body.

How to do Ghyan Mudra: Join the tip of the index finger to the tip of the thumb and press it to the thumb, keeping the rest of the fingers straight.

2. Akash Mudra

What is yoga mudra?

This is one of the most beneficial mudra as it balances the (space) element in the body. The increase in the space element means more space for the other elements such as fire, earth, water and air. Increase in internal space also helps to clear out all toxins from the body. Practice of Akash Mudra enhances stronger bones and teeth. One can attain enlightenment and pleasant mood with the practice of this mudra. Positive thoughts takes over the negative thoughts and feelings of anger, hatred, sorrow and jealousy. This is one of the most common mudra for meditation as the space element allows you to reconnect to your inner conscious and spiritually to the devine power.

How to do Akash Mudra: Join the tip of middle finger to the tip of the thumb finger, keeping all the other fingers straight. It is recommended to practice this  mudra for 30 minutes.

3. Shunya Mudra:

What is yoga mudra?

As the middle finger represents space, this mudra balances or decreases the space element in the body. This mudra takes care of all hearing related problems, it increases the hearing power and prevents or reduces ear infections. Additionally soonya mudra also increase focus, and helps one stay calm and composed. If you suffer from any hear related problems even deafness, sit in this position everyday for 45 minutes and you will notice the positive impact on your health.

How to do the Soonya Mudra: Squeeze your middle finger under the thumb while keeping the rest of the fingers straight.

4. Prithvi Mudra:

What is yoga mudra

An imbalance of the earth element can cause many problems such as cough, goiter, sagging of body parts, body aches, fatigue, obesity, weight gain or loss etc. This mudra will certainly benefit those who want to attain a healthy weight. It stimulates the immune system, boosts energy level and helps one stay mentally alert. This mudra provides physical strength to anyone who is weak, by flushing out toxins from the body.

How to do prithvi mudra: Touch the tip of the ring finger to the tip of your thumb while keeping the rest of the fingers straight.

5. Varun Mudra:

What is yoga mudra?

Most part of our body consists of liquid such as plasma which contains 55% water. An imbalance in water element such as the increase in water element causes water retention in the body leading to adverse health effects such as edema, bronchial asthma, nausea, weakness, excessive sleep etc. While a  decrease in water content could cause skin problems, dehydration and so on. The little finger represents water element, hence this mudra will balance the water content in the body and also solve all urinary problems. Varun Mudra also removes all the toxins from the body and drives away all skin infections such as psoriasis hence it keeps the skin naturally healthy and radiant with an even tone.

How to do Varun Mudra: Touch the tip of the little finger to the tip of your thumb while keeping the rest of the fingers straight.

6. Surya Mudra:

What is yoga mudra?

Surya means sun, hence this mudra increases the fire element in the body while on the other side it decreases the earth element. This Mudra is very beneficial for reducing weight. Surya Mudra reduces cholesterol levels and fat in the body hence it prevents any kind of heart disease.

How to do Surya Mudra: Tuck the ring finger under the thumb while pressing the thumb below the nail of the ring finger. Keep all the other fingers straight.

Note: As this mudra increases the fire element in the body, therefore it should not practiced if you have fever or during the summer. You should also avoid surya mudra if you are underweight because it reduces weight. 

7. Ling Mudra:

What is yoga mudra?

This mudra reinforces the fire element in the body hence it is very effective for increasing the sexual stamina and power. Sit in this mudra for 5 minutes everyday to boost your sexual stamina and power. Furthermore Ling mudra prevents lung infections, respiratory disorders such as asthma and keeps away symptoms of common cold so this mudra should definitely be performed when anyone is down with common cold.

How to do Ling Mudra: Join both your hands together, interwine them and clasp them together, the thumb of the right hand should be held straight. Pull both the hands close to your navel and press on it while holding the position for 5 minutes.

Note: This mudra increases the fire element in the body hence it should be avoided during summer and when you are suffering from fever.

When to do the Mudras

Mudras can be done anywhere and at anytime but avoid doing them right after meals; atleast they be avoided until 2 hours after meals. It is because after our meals, our body digestive system is utilizing all the energy on breaking down the food. Mudras can be practiced while lying on bed or sitting down but if it they are done in the yogic position, they will have double the impact on the body.

Now back to you, which mudra would you prefer using? or simply leave any question or comment and I will try my best to back to you within 24 hours. Thank you for dropping by.

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  1. Very informative!
    I want to take up yoga, but have a hard time finding the time. I know it’s really good for the soul & body. I’m going to look around at the rest of your site and try some of it, I need it!

    1. Hello Tammy,
      It is not unusual that more and more people are turning towards yoga for healthy body and happy soul. I know it is hard to find time, but trust me when you start it, your body will thank you and then you will find excuses to dig into your practice when you have any spare moment and that is exactly what my story is, I feel so good doing yoga that whatever spare time I have I jump into my practice.I wish you all the best and let me know if there is anything I can help with.

      Best Regards

  2. Loved reading this post. I used to do the gyan mudra in mediation without even knowing the meaning.
    Thanks for the clarification. Going to try the others 🙂

    1. Hello Shoval,
      It is funny that I also used to do the same gyan mudra without knowing the meaning lol, I felt so inspired to know the meaning of all of them. Now I have control over what elements I choose to explore more in my body. Thank you for sharing your experience :).

      Best Regards

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