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Yoga Burn for Women Reviews- By Zoe Bray Cotton

Product Price: $37-$57
Best Place to buy: Official website
Product Content: 3 phases with a total of 15 videos
My Rating: 4.5

I love Yoga and it is part of my daily routine so I was excited to find out what Yoga Burn has to offer and wanted to share the Yoga Burn for Women Reviews with you. Here is what I found out, continue to read below:

What is Yoga Burn for Women?

Yoga Burn is a 12 week follow along program designed for women with progressive sequence week-to-week and month-to-month. Yoga burn is based on the key of dynamic sequencing. This means it is a step by step approach that starts with the easy sequence and as you progress and your body get used to it, the next sequence is introduced to increase the challenge without pushing your body too far . This makes it easier for your body to adapt to the routine and make the most use of yoga. Yoga burn not only makes you look good on the outside but it feels good on the inside too. Yoga Burn is set out into 3 unique phases, with a total of 15 videos and takes a total of 12 weeks that is laid out in a way that engages both mind and body to keep guessing the next step to prevent boredom.

Who is Zoe Bray Cotton

Zoe Bray Cotton

Zoe Bray Cotton is the creator of the program who is an International certified yoga instructor. Additionally she is also a female body transformation specialist and personal trainer and she uses these skills to make this unique program for calorie burn and weight loss. She has over decades of experience to help women transform their bodies and has taught all types and forms of yoga in popular yoga studios and gyms in all across North America. Zoe uses her personal experience as a goal to not just provide reshaped and toned body but also distresses and relaxes the body and mind. These amazing techniques all combined together is what makes the program so unique. Zoe makes the program so easy to follow that feels like you have a personal mentor at your own pace to help you succeed at every step.

Benefits of Yoga Burn for Women

  • Increased flexibility
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Weight reduction
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Relief from muscles aches and soreness
  • Happy healthier, more vibrant and positive outlook on life.

How is it better than going to yoga classes?

Avoid the 3 commons mistakes that women fall victim of during yoga classes. Zoe talks about how women while helping themselves to yoga classes unknowingly contribute to stress, injury and weight gain.

Mistake #1:Increase chances of physical injuries: Visiting yoga classes results in more doctor visits every year as compared to any other physical activity due to physical injuries and chronic pain caused while practicing it. It is because of the high demand for yoga classes, many yoga teachers become instructors with very little training and experience.

Mistake# 2: Increase in stress levels and weight gain: Yoga classes raise the level of stress hormone called cortisol; the increase of this hormone directly causes weight gain as well. Such factors contribute to increase in stress levels: the need to rush to class and find your spot, the need to look perfect in your yoga clothes. The worst is you are worried if you are doing the moves correctly or how weird are you looking to other guys who might notice you while performing the pose.

Mistake #3:Lack of progression: The classes are same every week and every class because the classes are not progressing based on individual needs but are designed to fit a group of people. The classes are not specific to different age groups and sexes, they have the same to offer for both seniors and young people which means there is no progress and leads to lack of results.

Three Phases of Yoga Burn

Yoga Burn For Women is divided into 3 phases, each phase has 3 workout videos (plus bonuses) before moving to the next phase. Each phase requires you to master that phase before you can start with the next phase.

Phase 1. Foundational Flow: As the name suggests this phase helps beginners build on the foundations of yoga. The new poses introduced in this phase builds on your safety and productivity skills while building your metabolism and your body begins to firm and tone specially on the problem areas. The strong mind and body connection developed in this phase, helps in the later phases.

Phase 2. Transitional Flow: This phase combines the moves learned from phase 1. It slowly transitions into poses that are designed to provide not only a beautiful body from the outside but also the inside feels good too. You will maximize benefits to your body as you learn to connect poses that comes along this sequence.

Phase 3. The Mastery flow: This magic phase combines all that is learned from the previous two phases to fire your metabolism. It is through this last phase that you see results that is complete body transformation with a toned body and a tight and firm booty. This results phase provides you maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time. You will look and feel sexy no matter what you wear, while you have worked to achieve this feel sexy and look good body you have also worked on curing all other problems of your body like distressing your body, easing muscle pain, getting quality sleep.

 Added Bonus that comes with Yoga Burn

Yoga Burn follow along audio classes: This provides you the flexibility to follow the program on the go. It complements the main yoga burn program so as to motivate you and provide you extra coaching to stay tuned and committed to yoga burn.

Tranquility Flow: This bonus is an absolute life saver as it provides on the go relief from all of the daily stress of life that wears you down, it may be work related, financial, relationship or any other stress. It acts as a reset button that you can connect to and feel good.

Yoga Burn monthly: Zoe has poured all her hard work into creating this dvd to help you master the unique poses and beautiful styles of yoga. It is designed to provide you everything more than traditional yoga classes could while it remains true to traditional yoga. It masters the various styles of yoga including restorative, hatha, kundalini, ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar.

Pros of Yoga Burn

  • Convenient: It can be practiced from the comfort of your home or you can stay updated with the on the go downloadable program that comes as a bonus, saving you bucks and time spent on gym.
  • Custom designed: It is tailored to the needs of individuals which most programs are not. You will learn to successfully perform and master all major styles of yoga and you will naturally begin to feel what style is best suited for or fits your needs.
  • Effective Weight loss program: Truly effective weight loss program that tightens, tones and reshapes your body.
  • User friendly: It is easy to follow along step by step sequence of poses that smoothly introduces beginners to foundations of yoga. It progresses from week to week and month to month as it takes you from the level you are at and builds along with you.
  • Affordable: It is $37 which is not even a fraction of the cost that most people spend on gym and yoga clubs.
  • Suited for all levels of yogis: Fits the needs of all level of yogis from beginner to advanced level.
  • No restrictions on you: Easy and effective weight management without limiting you to dieting and cardio exercises.
  • Reduction in stress levels: It lowers the level of the stress hormone called cortisol thereby distressing you and relaxing your mind and body which results in a happy healthier, more vibrant and positive outlook on life.
  • Training by Certified & Experienced Yoga Expert: You are in the safe hands of an international certified yoga instructor with decades of experience who makes sure you use safety and caution while practicing Yoga Burn.
  • Progress at your own pace: The quick start included in the package allows you to easily blend into the program and set your own pace.

Cons of Yoga Burn

  • It is not recommended for you if you are expecting some high intensity work out like at the gym.
  • Although the workout benefits to everyone who tries it but the results may vary from individual to individual so it is not guaranteed that you see the same results as others during certain period of time as everyone body is different.

Is the product recommended for you? 

This program is uniquely tailored to the needs of women who are beginners to advanced level. If you do not want to spend lot of hours at the gym everyday and not have to do all the heavy weight lifting then this is the right program for you. If you do not want to attend the repetitive yoga classes that are designed to fit a group of people then you definitely might be interested in this program. Zoe Bray Cotton claims that this program has proven to deliver results as it has been tried and tested. You can test it for yourself with no risk as it comes with a 60 return policy, so that you can first try the product and see if it works for you. Now you are the one who can make the best choice whether the product is right for you as only you know yourself the best.

Who is the program not designed for?

It is not ancient type yoga classes with tough poses . It is definitely not one of those yoga dvd’s which keep repeating the same steps every time and expect you to see results. This program like some other programs you might have come across does not promise you false results without having to get out of your couch. If you expecting fast and easy results without having to work hard then it is not recommended for you. If you are at an expert level in yoga or expect a high intensity level work out like in the gym then I would not advise this program for  you.


Option B
Option A

Price of Yoga Burn and where to purchase it from?

 Yoga Burn comes in 2 separate packages one is $37 and the other is $57, this price excludes shipping and handling charges . The first option A of Yoga Burn which is $37 comes with one digital download plus one physical copy which is for a single person use.  The second option B of yoga burn X2 is the value pack, it comes with 2 digital download copie and 2 physical copies, it is recommended to buy this if you have family or friends who wants to take part in the same program so that way it is price effective. If you wish to buy it now, remember the only retailer for this product is the official website .

Customer Reviews on Yoga Burn


It is highly effective weight loss program that does not involve any risk to try it as it provides 100% return back policy within 60 days. It is more than an effective weight loss management tool, it improves your mental focus, distresses you, reliefs you from any muscle pains and soreness and keeps you happy and healthyConsidering the $37 price, quality and content of this value pack, it is worth a try. Click here to buy it now.

I hope you enjoyed Yoga Burn for Women Reviews, please leave your comments below and I will be happy to get back to you as soon as I can. I would love to hear  your experiences with yoga or with Yoga Burn or   even if you want me to do review for a particular program I will be more than happy to do so.

Thank you for visiting this website

Ramandeep (Founder)

Yoga Burn For Women

Yoga Burn For Women







Custom designed



  • Designed for all level of yogis.
  • Tailored to the needs of individuals.
  • Does not limit you to dieting and cardio classes.
  • Provides relief from muscle aches and soreness.
  • Training by Certified & Experienced Yoga Expert.


  • Results vary from one individual to another.
  • Not for those who expect high intensity workout


  1. Hi! Very interesting article–I love yoga and have never heard of this series. I would have never thought about yoga classes increasing cortisol levels, either! One thing I would miss about yoga classes, however, is the group aspect of the classes. I love interacting with others when most of my day is spent alone. However, I wonder if you could invite a friend over or do these classes with your significant other? That may bring the group aspect back to it!

    Thanks for the info,

  2. I really enjoy Yoga and because of the pros you mentioned. I prefer to do Yoga at home, so I am always looking for new DVD or a program that I can stream. I am a Yoga newbie, so I like the idea of the program divided into the three phases. I like the idea of really mastering each stage before moving on. Thanks for sharing this comprehensive review, thanks.

    1. Hello Kay,

      I am just like you, i enjoy yoga at home too. I am glad this review helped you. This dvd is definitely unique as compared to other ones in the market, it guides a beginner step by step from easiest to hardest to avoid any injuries. The best part is “Zoe” the yoga instructor makes sure your safety comes first while you are practicing the poses. Thank you for visiting this website and keep coming back for more wonderful blogs.

      Best Regards

  3. Hello Emily,

    I am glad that you found the information helpful. Personally I enjoy my quiet time during yoga as it helps me focus and charge up for the rest of the day. But if you like the idea of having a friend or friends come over and that is how you feel charged and relaxed then it is a good idea, that way you are home without worrying to rush somewhere and grabbing your spot, or the stress of being able to catch up with classes as you are at your own pace. When 15 years ago I began doing yoga, I also started out at home and I started out with the most basic steps like the breathing exercises in sitting poses and most basic dynamic poses(they are the foundation of yoga) so that I would not end up hurting myself. I really appreciate your time in visiting this website.


  4. You’re so right regarding yoga classes causing injury! It is so easy to do when you can’t find an absolute beginner class. You want to follow along, but you haven’t developed the appropriate balance or skills yet and you can easily end up falling and hurting yourself. I ended up twisting my wrist pretty badly from a situation like this. when I first started yoga. It is good to see this program allows you to start at the absolute beginner level and grows from there.

    1. Hello Craig,

      It is sad to hear you hurt your wrist, I hope it is better now. Yes it is scary, I have also not had very good experience with yoga classes that is why I prefer at home yoga. But a program like this for beginner that grows with you from the level you are at, is awesome. Thank you for sharing your experience and for visiting this website.

      Best Regards

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