Yoga For Diabetes Cure- 4 Poses To Control It Today!


What is Diabetes

Diabetes is the worlds fastest growing disease, just over the past decade the number of patients suffering from diabetes has increased by 50%. In Canada alone, more than 60,000 new cases are reported every year. The most common type is the type 2 diabetes, out of every ten diabetic patients, nine has type 2 diabetes. However consuming sugar itself does not cause diabetes but when you are diagnosed with diabetes, eating foods that are high in sugar can increase your blood sugar level. Diabetes is caused when the “pancreas” that produces insulin to convert sugars to energy stops functioning partially or completely. This way all the sugars that is broken down from our food consumption remains stored in our blood causing rise in the blood sugar level.

Medicines can only keep your sugar level steady plus you would have to take them all your life while the dosage keeps increasing as time passes by.The good news is you do not have to live with diabetes and its medication all your life, yoga can restore your pancreas to its normal functioning which no other medicine can and neither has science been able to comes up with a permanent solution so far. So my advice is, it is definitely worth your time to try yoga for diabetes cure and know that you will remember my words later, that this will be the best decision of your life.

Most common Symptoms of type 2 Diabetes

  • Frequent urination
  • Fatigue
  • Sudden weight loss for no reason
  • Excessive thirst
  • Increased hunger

​What can you do to prevent or recover from Diabetes?

  • Eat a healthy diet without sugar.
  • Avoid processed products and spicy and fried foods.
  • Monitor your blood sugar levels, your feet (if any signs of swelling or redness), and your weight.
  • Say no to stress, stay positive and happy.
  • Stay physically active by doing yoga, exercising or walking.

Before I get started with the pranayamas, one most important thing to keep in mind is to do this on an empty stomach atleast 3-4 hours after your meals. Do not drink water during pranayamas, it is best to drink water half an hour before starting pranayama or half an hour after finishing your pranayamas.

​1. Kapaalbhati Pranayama (Breath of Fire)

Diabetes is the main cause effecting 30% of the population’s eyesight to cause blindness and it is the seventh major reason for deaths caused . Most vision problems can be eliminated and cured with Kapalbhati Pranayama. Just like diabetes is called the mother of all diseases Kapaalbhati Pranayama is the master pranayama of yoga as this pranayama alone can help you get rid of 90% diseases in your body. Try this pranayama for 15 minutes for the next 3 days and you will notice that your diabetes will be much under control . This is a very effective pranayama to help reactivate your pancreas as when you breathe out, the pressure with which the stomach pulls in, gently massages the internal organs and the pancreas. Perform this pranayama without any stress, just calm down and focus on your breath.

2. Anulom Vilom Pranayama (Alternate nostril breathing)

Diabetes effects the entire nervous system including your skin, heart, eye sight, blood pressure. Anulom Vilom pranayama is an excellent way to take care of your entire health, it repairs all the cells and the complications. Your body and mind will be relaxed, do not worry or think about anything else just concentrate on your breathing and feel that you are recovering completely. This pranayama regulates both high and low blood pressure to appropriate levels. It has been noticed that it reduces arteries blockages by 30-40% after practicing this for 3-4 months. It rejuvenates the cells not only in our bodies but also our brain cells which means more oxygen intake in our cells thereby it cures all of the mental problems like depression, anger, stress, insomnia. It helps to give us peace of mind. Also if you want to burn fat just by sitting down then give this pranayama a try!


  • Sit straight crossing your feets (Half lotus position)​, close your eyes.​
  • With your right hand thumb finger close your right nostril and place your other hand on the knee (palm facing up).
  • Inhale from the left nostril.
  • With your ring finger close your left nostril and exhale to the right nostril.
  • Inhale from the right nostril and exhale from the left nostril.
  • As a beginner you can start from 2 minutes and then keep adding more time to it everyday until you can do this pranayam for 15 minutes.

Note: The nostril that you exhale from, inhale from the same nostril each time to complete one cycle of breathing.While breathing in, breathe all the air into your lungs. Ensure to gently and deeply breathe in and out.

3. Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Humming)

This is also called the bee breathing pranayama due to the humming bee kind of sound that it produces. It is not uncommon for some people to suffer from depression upon diagnosis of diabetes. To heal from diabetes it is very important to keep your mind calm and stay happy. This sound calms the mind and helps you fight depression, anxiety, anger or any other mental illness. Bhramari Pranayama relieves headache as well as reduce migraines. It is also very good in reducing high blood pressure and hypertension.


  • Sit straight crossing your feets (Half lotus position)​, close your eyes.
  • Close both your ears with your thumb finger by slightly pressing your thumb finger on the cartilage.
  •  Place both your index finger on your forehead.​
  • Cover your eyes with rest of the three finger.
  • Deeply inhale and exhale slowly with the humming bee sound.
  • Repeat this for 4-5 times.

Caution: Do not open your mouth while making the humming sound of bee. Avoid pressing your fingers on your eyes that will create tension on your face; you need to just cover your eyes.

4. Bahya Pranayam

While doing Bahya pranayam imagine that your pancreas is creating insulin. This pranayam cures all stomach problems as well. It is a very beneficial pose for curing reproductive problems such as fertility issues and sperm count.


  • Sit straight with your spine and head straight, while placing your hands on your knees (with palms facing up).
  • Deeply inhale, then bend your head to touch your chest and forcibly exhale your breath out.
  • Hold your breath and try to pull your stomach in towards your spine as much as you can.
  • Then release your stomach, keep pulling your stomach and releasing it for 3-4 times by holding your breath.

Note: Do not force yourself to hold your breath, hold it as long as you comfortably can and with time you will be able to master the skill of holding your breath for 3-4 cycles (of pulling in and releasing your stomach)

Caution: Do not perform this pranayam if you are heart or BP patient.


Besides practicing yoga for a healthy body, it is equally important that you eat healthy food with less sugar. Avoid foods that are processed, too spicy; the best is to start eating fruits and veggies in their natural form. Eat fruits without adding any processed product to them and eat veggies without frying them, just boil them. It is fine to eat fresh fruits as the natural sugar from fruit does not cause harm but the artificial sugar will be harmful. Avoid processed juice, if you wish to drink juice then make it at home in a blender not a juicer as juicer sucks all the fiber out and only leaves sugar. It is not necessary that you exercise or run but atleast walking for more than half an hour daily is crucial for your health. Stress is the major cause of all illness including diabetes so stay positive and happy. Do things that make you happy, be around positive people as you get positive vibes and the more positive vibes you create, your body will also react positively to recovery.

I would be happy to connect with you if you need any feedback or support. Leave your comment below on  what helped you, or if  you have tried yoga for diabetes. I will be updating and adding more interesting information, so please keep coming back.

Thank you for dropping by, I wish you a happy yoga with a happy, healthy body.




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  1. I didn’t know that practicing yoga can have a great effect on diabetes. Although i’m not a diabetes patient, I think it doesn’t have any effects for people like me working on the yoga position that you mention above right?
    Thanks for the step by step guide.

    1. Hello Jay,
      The pranayamas mentioned above are not only for the diabetes patients but for every person who wants to stay stress free and healthy. These pranayamas provide so many other benefits like clear arteries blockage, maintain steady blood pressure levels, stronger bones, get rid of thyroid, lower cholesterol level,weight loss, these are only few of the benefits of these pranayamas. The kapalbhati and anulom vilom alone helps you get of 99% of the diseases, that is the power of yoga. Your entire body and mind benefits from yoga. I hope this answers your question :). Thank you for dropping by.


    1. Thank you John, I am still working on it to make your experience pleasurable while you navigate my website. Thank you for visiting my website.


  2. Hello,
    The information about the different poses is great. I originally thought that Yoga was very hard to do and in many publications I’ve noticed that there are many poses that one needs to be a contortionist in order to successfully achieve these positions. Yet I was able to do the ​Kapaalbhati Pranayama quite easily as most of this involves controlling your breathing. You have made a convert out of me!

    1. Hello Roldan,
      I feel so honoured to convert you and the best part is I feel satisfied that I convinced another person to work towards your health. Yoga is not difficult and I also mentioned about this in one of my other posts, the people who claim that it is difficult and it is fine for your muscles to strain while doing those poses are wrong! Yoga is about being calm, you should not feel your breath racing, it is that simple. Unlike exercises the simplest and easiest poses will provide the best outcomes. This is one mistake I made as a beginner, I thought why is it easy it should be hard on me, strain my muscles and make my breath race so I ran into complicated poses with no results as I was being hard on myself. But my 15 years of practice in yoga taught me this and I won’t to make sure no one makes those same mistakes. Thank you for dropping and sharing your experience.


  3. Hi Roldan,
    I have recently started making yoga and I think it can be really beneficial to people in addition to a good diet and a healthy life!
    Yoga is good for your mind and if it is good for your mind, this will also affect your body in a good way, as I believe body and mind are strictly connected.
    I do not have diabetes, but I guess that this can be an extra thing that diabetes sufferers can try out to see if they get any good results. Therefore, I think this post is really good to anyone who is willing to experiment something else! If not more, yoga can probably really help alleviate some of the stress caused by being sick, which is positive.
    I like your website, and I will probably be coming back sometimes to check it out as I also would like to learn more about yoga.
    Cheers and congrats,

  4. I wish I came across your article before my grandpa died.. Diabetes is so common now that people don’t forget how dangerous and deadly this is. Thank you for sharing I pray God bless you for your good will.

    1. Hello Chris,
      I am sorry for your loss and I lost my grandmother too though she had diabetes as well but she practiced yoga and it helped her control it but she had other complications too plus age was a factor. Thank you for sharing you experience and for your kind words. I wish you a happy and healthy body.

  5. Wow! I’ve bookmarked this page to refer back to for later. I’m into alternative wellness techniques and love learning about new ones. This is definitely a series content that can be expanded on as well as it being evergreen. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to reading others.

    1. Hello Adrienne,
      Thank you so much! I feel so honoured. I will definitely add more content if you are looking forward to more on this post. Thank you for dropping by. I wish you a happy and healthy body.


  6. Hi Raman,
    Thanks for creating this great website. I really liked the clear explanation of the different types of yoga and how they can help you better manage your diabetes. I also practice yoga when I can. I can be a bit “naughty” though. I can forget to practice it for months at a time and then start back up again. This article has inspired me to do some more yoga tonight. I actually really liked the Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Humming) yoga. I had never heard of this one before. It seems more like a meditation to me. I will do this one first I think. Thanks again.

    1. Hello Bec
      I am glad that you liked my explanation, this motivates me to write better and provide more wonderful posts to you. I have been there as a beginner :), I have skipped for days and months as well and then when I realized how differently my body behaved without yoga, as I felt more stressed and was on energy all day, I decided to make it my daily routine and that was the best decision. It helped me cure my insomnia, thyroid, stress and the list goes on. There is nothing in this world that I could love more than my yoga.
      Bee Humming is a meditation pose, you have made a good decision to start this pose, try it and see it will help relieve stress and increase you focus and energy. Thank you for dropping by and sharing your wonderful experience.


  7. Hello Roldan, Thank you for your wonderful comment. Yoga is the cure to approximately 99% of the diseases sometimes on which medications don’t work a lot as well and yoga does the magic. I agree 100% with you that yoga is very effective therapy to eliminate and reduce stress, a stress free mind means a healthy body as the main cause of diseases is always stress.
    I do not have diabetes as well but my mom has diabetes and she has controlled her diabetes with yoga and is now living happy and stress free life, that is why it was very important for me to share this article to create awareness. Thank you for visiting this website and sharing your experience with me. I wish you a happy healthy body.

    Best Regards

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